Have you any stash?

>It’s Thursday!

>…so that must mean an update on The Princess (who is currently on my list, considering she wouldn’t settle down to go to sleep last night… I fear she spent the night in her private den in the master bath because she just wouldn’t lie down and rest… and yeah, I feel bad about it and didn’t sleep either).Penny is now 23 weeks old. On Saturday, she graduates from puppy kindergarten. We have a spot ready on our diploma wall, where her diploma will join mine, Richard’s and Oscar’s. She’s done very well and has mastered come when called (she even ran up a hill last Saturday and did everything the Big Dogs did) as well as Sit. She’s working on Stay, Leave It, and Drop It. Those last two are a little more difficult because they involve ignoring stuff she really wants but can’t have.

We’re working on walking on a leash. She’s come a long way from June, when she would just lay in the yard in her harness, not moving. We’ve gotten her to walk down the road on the leash and it seems like she’s actually enjoying getting out and about. She likes greeting other people who give her the proper amount of adoration, and she doesn’t shy away from other dogs.

We haven’t decided yet whether or not to enroll her in basic obedience, because we think we’ve gotten a lot of it in the puppy kindergarten class. We think that right now the important thing is to keep working on the things she’s learned and to keep reinforcing them.

We’re considering a short weekend trip with her to see how she does. She hasn’t ridden in the stroller yet — we may try to get it out around town here and get her used to it before she does a big shopping adventure to an outlet mall.I think this photo reflects Penny’s overall opinion on clicker training. If she could, she’d use the clicker to get us to bring her treats on demand!

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  1. >See that's why YOU'RE supposeed to hold the clicker!!LOL!She is so adorable!

  2. >I totally LOVE that you put Oscars and Penny's diplomas next to yours and Richards!If she manages to learn to click the clicker, I hope you do give her a treat! 🙂

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