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>Dogs on Thursday!

>Penny and I will now be a regular contributors to Dogs on Thursday, a blog where, interestingly enough, people talk about their dog every Thursday. 🙂 Our intro is up there today. Our regularly scheduled blog time will be the 4th Thursday of each month, so check there for what I hope will be amusing anecdotes on The Princess.

So since it’s Thursday… and The Princess is allegedly a dog… I’ll share a story here. This past weekend we went to Costco and they had bags of 12 inch bully sticks for $20. Now, if you have a dog, you know that bully sticks are wonderful chew toys. We refer to them as “dead animals”, because that’s what they are. They’re some part of a cow, and frankly, I don’t want to know what part they are. The 6″ bullys I had bought for her on sale were about $2.50 a pop, so I figured we could buy the bag and cut them in half and be golden for a bit.

Except… The Princess had other plans. She took the 12 inch bully, which frankly is just about as long as she is, and ran through the house with it. Then she took it up on the sofa and settled in for a chew. In three days she had whittled it down to about half size. So much for the cutting it in half plans. The big dog needs a big bully stick, right??

At least it’s keeping her from gnawing on our hands…

Edited to add the picture of The Princess… isn’t she just the cutest when she’s napping?

Comments on: ">Dogs on Thursday!" (5)

  1. >I think ANYTHING that keeps those teeth off of your flesh is something that can't be argued —- don't run out!!

  2. >Welcome to DOT's! HoneyDew, Sampson and I look forward to reading your posts! Have a great day!

  3. >Better she chews on those than you, or furniture 🙂 She is adorable, though!

  4. >She is a sweetie — a true Princess!

  5. >Bully sticks are bull penises. She looks quite happy.

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