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Flu shots and pennies

So today Richard and I went and got the annual flu shot.  I have to get them due to my asthma; Richard gets them because he doesn’t want the flu, and moreover, he doesn’t want to give the flu to me.

When Mom was alive, she’d start asking if I’d had my flu shot roughly around August 1 – generally before they were available.  She was such a proponent of getting them that, in the years when her memory was failing a bit, she got two a year from two different places… just because she wanted to be sure she got hers.  She would drive me absolutely nuts asking over and over if I’d gotten one, because in her mind, I should have been knocking down the door of the pharmacy to get one right when they came out.  I remember one year there was a shortage of vaccine, and I think she was right proud that my asthma let me cut in front of a bunch of people to get mine.

At any rate, Richard and I got our vaccines, got our $10 Publix gift cards for getting our shots, and headed back into the parking lot.  Richard stepped over it, but in my path was a well worn penny.

Mom always loved finding pennies in the parking lot.  I took this one as a sign that she was pleased that I finally got my flu shot this year.

Love you, Mom.

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