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How has it been 9 years?

2008-02-24 22.46.39

How has it been 9 years since my precious little Oscar went to the Rainbow Bridge?

I remember that horrible day just like it was yesterday. We did absolutely everything we could for him. His little body was just tired, and we had to let him go.

I was angry at God about it…. Jesus had my dad, and then He took my dog.  It’s taken me a long time to get over that.

I’ve lost both of my parents, and I’ve grieved for them, but I didn’t know I could grieve so much for a dog.  Oscar was my little soul mate – he just **got** me.  He was that once in a lifetime dog that you’re so blessed to have… but it’s so hard to say goodbye.

I swear sometimes at night I still feel him curling up by my leg, the way he used to under the covers….

I still miss you Little Man.  Take care of Mom & Dad.  I love you always.

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