Have you any stash?

>Puppy Kindergarten, that is. 🙂Here is Penny getting her diploma from Susan of K9U. After a rigorous 7 week class, she has mastered socializing with other puppies, people, and various commands, including “come when called”, “sit”, “stay”, and the ever difficult “leave it” and “drop it”. She will also walk on a leash and seems to look forward to going out for walks and on car rides. All in all we think she did really well.

Meet Penny’s classmates…June is an All-American Breed dog who seems to have a bit of hound in her. Although she’s a good bit larger than Penny, she and Penny were playmates, and Penny delighted in doing everything the “big dog” did.Hayley is another All-American Breed dog who had a rough start in life. Her person found her at the age of about 3 weeks, abandoned and starving. With a lot of love and a lot of attention, she’s thriving, and she’s quite the star student in the class.Little Lita belongs to Susan’s assistant… you know I have a soft spot for red, smooth dachshunds, and Lita did not disappoint. She reminded me so much of Oscar, because she just wasn’t sure about all these dogs. Didn’t want to participate in all this puppy play — she’d rather hang there with her person and be fed the occasional treat, thankyouverymuch. And she always had such a concerned look on her face. It was like she was peering over her glasses as if to say “Are you sure you should be doing all that foolishness?” Ah yes, Lita. We’ll rely on you to keep all of them in line. 🙂

So, we’ll miss Penny’s classmates, but we wish all of them well. We know all of them will have happy lives with their people and will be well cared for and have bellies full of good food and good treats. And they may end up just a tiny bit spoiled.

As it should be.

Comments on: ">We Have a Kindergarten Graduate!" (6)

  1. >Yay, Penny! What a big girl she is! You must be really proud of her.

  2. >Congratulations Penny! We're all so proud of you! It was so nice meeting your friends.Penny looks like she is paying close attention to Susan!

  3. >Congratulations Penny!! I'm sure you'll do your parents proud. ☺

  4. >Way to go Penny. What is it with Dachshunds and the name Penny? Seems I am surrounded by the lovable hounds. My niece just got her red, smooth coat pup this week. I can't wait to meet her.

  5. >Congratulations, Penny! We knew you were a smartie!! =)

  6. >Yay Penny!! Congratulations!

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