Have you any stash?

>Connor Cap finished!

>I’ve finished a cap for Connor and his friends. Oscar was a bit of a reluctant model:I fear treats were involved after that one.

I’m waiting for a mailing address to get this one in the mail. Pattern is the “House Hats” from Charmed Knits, and it’s made with Encore Worsted so it’s nice and washable. (I don’t particularly enjoy knitting with Encore, which is a blend of wool and acrylic, but it’s durable and quite suitable for something like this.)

Comments on: ">Connor Cap finished!" (3)

  1. >That little guy is so cute! And what a sport!Hope you get all the hats you need.

  2. >Great job! And Oscar is a good (if not voluntary) model.

  3. >Thanks, Jean!Yep, we’ve had our share of trials this year. Can we just move on to 2009 already? I’ve had plenty of 2008. I’m looking forward to not feeling like I have the flu all the time. It’s been a long month. At least now I know I’m not contagious and I can got visit family. I’ve stayed away from them all for fear of giving them something. It’ll be better soon, I hope 🙂

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