Have you any stash?

>Connor needs caps!!

>It’s a rare day indeed when I’ll post twice, but I came across something thanks to my friend Jen from Ravelry that I think all of you knitters and crocheters who may read my blog need to see.

See, Connor’s a little boy with a brain tumor. Stage III. This is very, very bad. Surgery isn’t recommended, but they are doing chemo and radiation which, you guessed it, will make his hair fall out. In Wisconsin. In the winter.

Now, some of Connor’s friends want to shave their heads in solidarity with him… but his best friend’s mom, Beth, got the idea to have everyone at his school wear a cap in their school colors to show their support. You can read her post about it here.

There’s a short time frame involved. They need around 200 caps to be mailed before December 1. Gauge isn’t important, because there are kids and adults of all ages at his school.

I’m going to go cast on a hat now. You know how close to home anything involving brain tumors hits for me.

Can you help? Please?

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  1. >Jean – that’s so great of you. I hope that they reach their goal, and sorry that I can’t commit to helping.

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