Have you any stash?

>1. To the bank my church uses: I’ve been signing checks for 2 1/2 months now, ever since the death of our previous treasurer. Yet you pick today to embarrass one of our employees who tried to cash her check saying I wasn’t on the signature card. Really? Let’s see: you knew I was the treasurer; you called my cell phone; you’ve cashed all the other checks… So I think I was perfectly justified in losing my temper with you. And my pastor told me that even our Lord lost his temper with the money changers in the temple. So pfffffft. And as soon as I can get things together, we’ll be changing banks, because this isn’t the first time you’ve pulled crap like this. We’re right across the street from you, for Pete’s sake. Pick up the phone and call if you have a question.

2. To the gentleman behind me in line at the grocery store: hitting me in the rear end with your cart isn’t going to make the line go faster. I checked.

3. To Jim Martin and Saxby Chambless, candidates for the hotly contested Senate runoff in Georgia: Stop calling me. I’ve already made up my mind, and neither of you are going to change it. Now both of you are just ticking me off. Ditto for your respective political parties and anyone calling on their behalf. Forget you know me, or you can kiss any future contributions goodbye. I mean it. And while you’re at it, stop mailing crap to me as well.

4. To the idiot who tailgated me, passed me, and then cut in front of me, only to have us stop at the stop light at the same time: gee, that really worked out well for you, didn’t it?

Comments on: ">Random Rants on a Chilly November Friday" (3)

  1. >I am so there with you on #4!!!

  2. >Fa la la la la,la la la laIt’ll get better Jean! {{Jean}}

  3. >This is why I love you, Jean.And, these people are acting like idiots all year.

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