Have you any stash?

>Pirate Booty

>Avast, mateys. I be feelin’ like a pirate today. And it’s not even Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s a long story…

Every year, my eye exam comes up in May, and I go to the Lenscrafters at the local mall and see Dr. Mohammed. Now, Dr. Mohammed is very kewl. She’s got an excellent sense of humor, and on top of that, she makes very good lenses for me. Add to the mix a couple of girls in the office, Amanda and Rebecca, to whom I give a hard time on general principles.

Problem is, when I get my contact lenses, my prescription is a bit… complicated. I wear bifocal lenses, and on top of that, they have to be fitted for astigmatism. Official name is multifocal toric lenses, because I can no longer do the bit where they put a reading lens in one eye and a distance lens in the other (My clients just won’t cooperate by putting all their computers at the same distance from the chair. How rude.). At any rate, it takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks for the trial lenses to come in… then another 4-6 weeks for my actual lenses to come in… so you can see I generally spend the summers with the fine folks at the optometrist’s office.

This year when my actual lenses came in, and I put them in for the first time, I realized there was a problem… as in I couldn’t see stop signs, stop lights… you get the picture. I panicked. I went back to the office, thinking I was nuts and had agreed to purchase stuff that just didn’t do, even though I knew they were fitting differently from the ones I had tried. As it turns out, the office had ordered the right lenses, but when they came in, one tiny measurement was off, and so they had to order them again. They put a “rush” on them, so this time it only took 3 weeks instead of 4-6. Wow.

So, Friday night, I went in to pick up the new contacts. As is my usual custom, I snatched up a couple of packages of contact lens solution. I was joking with Amanda and Rebecca, and I said that for the price of these puppies, they ought to give me a case. (My lenses cost about $400 for 6 months worth. See why I was panicking so badly when I thought they weren’t right??)

The girls looked at each other… Dr. Mohammed said “You know we’ve got it… go get it.” And even though I said I was just joking, I came home with this:Pirate booty. Probably two years worth of contact solution (checked the expiration dates) and cases.

So I walked through the mall with my $400 worth of contacts and a case of solution. People stared. I didn’t care. I scored. 🙂

And yes, I am easily entertained.

But isn’t this an incredibly cute dog right after his b-a-t-h??

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  1. >Dr. Mohammed is very kewl!!

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