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>As you know if you’ve been following my blog, I’m participating in the Starbucks and Yarn swap, which is happening among Ravelry members and a few non-Ravelers. I sent my package out earlier in August — the deadline for shipping was August 22, and I actually shipped a couple of days early. In the swap, you agreed to send your swappee the handmade item of their choice (mine chose a cup cozie), some yarn, and a Starbucks item of their choice (mine chose a gift card), along with the requisite extra goodies people usually include. My swappee posted pictures of the package she received and said she was happy with it, and I really hope she was.

My upstream partner is the lovely Trisia, who was also one of the moderators of the swap. Trisia has been a dream, sending me lots of Ravmessages such to make sure she tailored just the right package for me. Plus, she has an online yarn shop that just has a lot of yummy things in it!!! And, as it turns out, she dyed some yarn **especially for me**, and I was thrilled!!! I found this out when I went to her online shop and ordered, and she sent my money back saying “Uh, you’re already getting that, you silly thing…” 🙂 She had called it “Jazzy Jean”, but so many people had liked the color that she added it to her shop. If you want to check out the color click here and page down to the “Dancing Peacocks” — Isn’t it gorgeous????

So, when Trisia told me she had shipped my package, and it should be here by Saturday a week ago… I figured no problem and eagerly started stalking the postman, or should I say postperson. Mind you, my postperson is a bit flaky… We frequently have to “deliver” mail to our neighbors because it’s been left in the wrong box. I left a message in the mailbox the other day asking her to come to the door to pick up a Priority Mail package I had going out. You think she’d bring my mail with you, right?? Nope. Stuck it in the mailbox. So I had to go outside to get it. In the pouring rain. Tropical downpours courtesy of Fay. Color me unimpressed.

Saturday came and went, as did Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday…. so I was left with a dilemma. Should I ask if it went out? What if something happened to it? I didn’t want Trisia to think I was pushy, but I also didn’t want her to think I was rude for not acknowledging what I’m sure is a wonderful package with pictures and accolades for all to see on Ravelry. I decided to bite the bullet and inquire…

Trisia was out of town, but she got the delivery confirmation info from her husband… and discovered that the package had indeed been delivered….

To Bristol, CT.

Connecticut. The other end of the freakin’ East Coast from Kennesaw, GA. I didn’t get to take a vacation this year, because we decided to cancel ours to stay home with His Royal Lowness Oscar, but my swap package is having a fine old time in the home of ESPN. Maybe it can get Jerry Punch to stop calling Carl Edwards’ backflip a “signature somersault” and can get Rusty Wallace banned from NASCAR coverage.

Maybe it’ll send me a postcard.

So now poor Trisia’s on the case trying to get the post office to recover the package. Poor thing. See, this is why I don’t trust the postal service. And they want to raise rates again? Pfffft.

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  1. >Poor Jean! I hope that she gets it straightened out quickly. The yarn is beautiful, can’t wait to see it in person! And I keep forgetting to tell you that I see Jr every morning on my drive to work – he’s on a billboard on I-85 northbound. Think of you everytime.

  2. >Argh! That is so incredibly frustrating! The only plus I can think of is that at least you know where it was delivered. The first teddy bear sent to me in our Traveling Teddy round robin was delivered to my address…according to the delivery confirmation page. Since I was pretty sure I’d’ve noticed that size envelope in my mailbox, I went to the post office and expressed my displeasure. Apparently, I expressed it quite eloquently, because the manager went on his lunch break and checked all the other mailboxes…and found the bear in the mailbox for 1015. I live at 1005. Not the same number. Thank goodness the people at 1015 don’t pick their mail up regularly, since it had been three days.The color is definitely gorgeous–those are my colors too! Of course my fellow Junior fan would have such good taste! 😉

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