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>Swap Package Update

>You may remember my AWOL Starbucks and Yarn swap package… you know, the one that was vacationing in Bristol, CT?? The lovely and tremendously patient Trisia sent me this update today:

YAY! The dreaded package has been located. WOO HOO!!! The post office told me this afternoon that it’s being shipped back to me and that I should receive it by Friday.

You are just going to die when you hear this story. I can’t believe the nerve of some people. Wow! Actually, I’m still not sure I believe it at all…I can’t wait to get the package back and see if it’s all there!

Anyway, so the package is delivered to the wrong state, as you know. The person that gets it (I wish they would tell me who it is it’s killing me to know…LOL) actually opens it up and was going to keep it I think. Rather than just giving it back to the carrier, or taking it to the post office to return it to the sender, they opened it up. HUH? I honestly can’t believe how much moxy you must have for that. Anyway, I guess the postal carrier on that route finally hooked up with the person at the delivery address and inquired about it and they put the stuff back in the box and gave the carrier the opened box, which has not been repackaged and is being sent back to me.

Of course I am editorializing this based on what the post office told me, but come on…

“Yes ma’am, your package has been located. Unfortunately the receipient opened the package. The route carrier has retrieved the package from the recipient and we have repackaged what was in the opened box and it is not en route to your location.”

Ya…that’s NOT the politically correct version of events that will be posted all over Ravelry and my blog. ROFL!

Thanks for being so patient while I fought with them to sort it out. You are so awesome to be so nice about it! Now that’s going to be one less angel I have to worry about…how embarrassing would that have been? The angel coordinator has to make an angel for her own partner. LOL!


Now, imagine for a moment, that you got a package clearly labeled for someone else. Would you actually open it?? Decide it was yours and keep your ill gotten gains?? Geez! Of course, as Trisia said, we’re still waiting to see if the package actually arrives back at her house and if the contents are actually all there…. I’m just amazed that the Postal Service was able to track it that far. I figured the thing was a goner.

On the bright side… when Carl Edwards won a race last weekend, Jerry Punch did not refer to his backflip as a “signature somersault”, preferring silence instead. Perhaps that little package did some good.

Updates as they become available. 🙂

Comments on: ">Swap Package Update" (5)

  1. >But…but…what did the post office say about delivering to a completely wrong city, state, zip from the label?! Had it come to me (if I lived in Bristol CT) I definitely would not have opened it but I would have had myself a laugh over the post office’s inability to get the state right!

  2. >Erm…they’re not going to make her pay to ship it again are they????? They never delivered it the first time!!!!

  3. >Speaking of posting stuff… Wool is supercheap here! And there’s great colors- all locally made. :3 I started a stash here in Italy (bad me! two stashes in two countries!)… What would Jean like? Also, how is Oscar? And Mr. Cook?

  4. >I thought it was illegal to open other people’s mail? Can’t the USPS do something about that even though it wasn’t insured?

  5. >You cousin, are a chatterbox, a Duck female, I love you, I’m a Duck Male, don’t talk much. See ya cousin.Joe

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