Have you any stash?

We begin another year…

…another cycle around the sun. Time to wax philosophic about the possibilities ahead.

Adjustment continues – I’m starting this year without any physical attachments to my hometown.  My parents’ home sold in November, and the closing took place at the end of December, just a couple of days before New Year’s Eve.  There’s a couple of odds and ends to take care of, such as the transfer of utilities (I was in Highlands when the closing actually happened), but that chapter has now closed.  As I told some of my friends, it just seems surreal, but I know it’s just part of that lifelong process of growing up.

So 2017 starts with the clean slate I’d wanted. Hoping to make some improvements to our house here (probably after tax season) and just try to enjoy life.

Not making any resolutions – that’s pretty much an exercise in futility – but I’m hoping to make a conscious effort to balance work and off time just a little better. Hard to do when you’ve got an office in your home, but still…

Wishing everyone who takes the time to read this the happiest of New Years.  May blessings be yours.

Comments on: "We begin another year…" (3)

  1. Jan Pelfrey said:

    Happy New Year to you & Richard, too, Jean! Glad you got your ‘clean slate’. I consider myself about as blessed as you do and am looking forward to a better, more sane year now that the election is over.

  2. Happy New Year to you both! Work and life balance is tough but it was easier for me when I realized that it was 100% up to me. You can do it and just acknowledging that the balance is a wee bit out of wack is progress or at least it was for me! xoxo

  3. something finally jogged in my brain to find your new (ha – how many years) blog space and put in my sidebar for reading. I know exactly how painful letting go of your childhood home can be, remember I was in mine for 50 + years. I had nightmares for years and still do have an occasional dream about my grandparents little cottage. I hope you can find peace and move forward into 2017 – onward and upward – Mel

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