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Pennies from Heaven

I’ve been reminded recently by my stalker friend Pat that I hadn’t posted in awhile, so I figured the last day of the year was as good as any to try to get one up.  

I spent New Year’s Eve rolling coins before hubby and I had our annual fondue dinner at home. We don’t go out on New Year’s Eve since it’s “amateur night” – you know… all those people who never party choose this one night to go tie one on, and it just gets ridiculous out.

So we’ve been in most of the day, and I rolled coins.  I know that there are those machines where you can put the coins in, and it’ll count them for you – but it also takes about 8% of your money for the privilege of doing it. I’m a banker’s daughter, and by golly, I’m gonna roll my own. And in that time, I always feel a little closer to my dad.

When I was a little girl, Dad would bring coins home from the bank, and we’d spend hours looking at them… the dates, the mint marks, the condition… and we’d look them up in a coin book we kept at the house to see if we’d found anything of value.  Oh, we’d find a few here and there… not many… and we’d spend the rest of the time rolling up what was left over.  We used those flat coin rollers that were “one size fits all” and were the absolute devil to get around the coins before they all spilled out because that’s what they used at the bank, and that’s what I learned to use. 

Years later, I realize that the value I found was those hours with my dad.  He never said a lot, and I’m guessing he was thrilled to find a way to keep an inquisitive child busy when there were only 3 channels on a black & white TV.   Every time I roll coins now, I’m taken back to those times I spent with him. 

So today, I rolled a quart mason jar full of pennies.  I looked at each one carefully to see if there might be one of value.  Got a total of $12.50 rolled… and wouldn’t you know it, but I found two wheat pennies.  Doubt they’re worth much more than a penny, except they represent a world of memories to me. 

I wish all of you a happy, safe and healthy new year. May our troubles be few and our joys be many.

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  1. bonnie/tinkknitz said:

    Lovely memories Jean. Rolling coins was fun…my Dad sat with us at the Dining room table too. Children live what they learn, right? I wonder what the next generation will remember about us?

    My Grandfather was a coin collector and he was very proud of his “funny money”, the coins that had mistakes or were altered in some way and removed from circulation. There was a coin shop two blocks away and he would go there to browse and take me with him. He gave each of us gifts of those coins and bills along the way, my favorite is a 1900 silver dollar, the year of his birth.

    I still examine money too, Jean. I save every wheat penny I find, so does the husband. Now, when I find one, I will think of you and your Dad too.

    Peace my friend, and a healthy New Year.

    • Thanks, Bonnie. Now I can think of my dear friend when I see them too. For some reason I still pull out bicentennial quarters. It was the year I graduated high school. I keep every one I come across…

  2. They are worth over 5 cents each now because they are all copper!

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