Have you any stash?

Happy Halloween!

Once again, as we celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, I will post my rules for Trick or Treating, all of which will be violated this evening:

1. If you’re too cool for a costume, you’re too old to trick or treat.

2. If you drive yourself, you’re too old to trick or treat.

3. If you come with your boy/girlfriend, you’re too old to trick or treat.

4. (This one was added after a hoarde of pre-teen boys clad only in shorts ran up to our house one year.  I asked what their costume was.  They replied “male strippers”.)  If you’re old enough to know what male strippers are, you’re too old to trick or treat.

5. Already this year, I’ve added a new one:  If you’re on the cell phone the entire time you’re at my door, you’re too old to trick or treat.

I leave you with our annual picture of Penny, titled “I will kill you in your sleep, 2012”:

I Will Kill You In Your Sleep

Penny plots revenge for her annual Halloween costume

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

Comments on: "Happy Halloween!" (4)

  1. Bonnie/tinkknitz said:

    O.0 #4
    Good gawd. Where do you live? Thankfully I got tribes of little ones at a time, but only a few visits and nobody over 12. I sit at the window and hold out the basket. Scares ’em sometimes 😉 Next year, go to the movies?

    • This year, we had a “couple” dressed as Sonny and Cher. Points to Cher who was a guy taller than my husband. Sonny had a moustache he had grown himself….

  2. Bonnie/tinkknitz said:

    Again I say o.0
    Did you give them candy?

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