Have you any stash?

>Been a bit of a week

>…yeah, the usual tax season slogging about. Most of my clients have begun to wake up and realize “Say… perhaps I should get my taxes done.” The next three weeks will be incredibly busy.

Outside work is busy too. Our pastor is retiring on Sunday. I’m on the Interim Pastor Search Committee, chiefly because I’m the disbursing treasurer. Let’s just say that our committee and the Presbytery are having a disagreement over some things, and I’m not really happy with the Presbyterian Way of doing things right about now.

To top it off, I broke a tooth last week. It’s tax season, so I must need a crown, right? (Four of my five crowns have now been acquired during tax season.) Went to the dentist yesterday – now, let me say up front that I love my dentist. Been going to him for 22 years. But yesterday, for some reason, the novacaine didn’t work. Three shots of it didn’t work. The tooth never got numb. (Cringe with me, people.) The drilling was Not. Pleasant. At. All.

So, after a week like this, what’s a person to do?

Order more Wollmeise, obviously.

I totally blame my friend Benne on Ravelry. Yeah. That’s it. See, normally I’d just lurk around The Loopy Ewe to see when some Wollmeise might go up and then try to snag some, but Benne is wise and crafty. She’s locked into the time on the Gen-u-ine Wollmeise website out of Germany as to when they put up new product. So she told me about it, and I promptly bookmarked it. By the way, they send you a pack of gummi bears when you order from them.

So today, Benne let me know that they had grab bags up. What did I order?

I don’t have a clue — it was all in German.

But if it looks anything like this, we’re golden:

Comments on: ">Been a bit of a week" (5)

  1. >I put the page into the English version and I still don't have a clue what I ordered. Got 3 skeins yesterday and another order should be here next week.

  2. >OH MY GOODNESS! That is a major score!

  3. >I think a broken tooth means Woolmeise too. I'm sure you'll get pretty colors, aren't they all?

  4. >Novocaine never works on me. blech.I think your dentist should buy you wollmeise

  5. >Broken tooth-you poor thing. Yes you definitely need wollmeise.

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