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>Marathon Shopping

>…and we’re home from our annual marathon shopping trip to Pigeon Forge. Mom likes to go up there about once a year to check out the outlet fare. There’s a Kasper outlet there and she generally has pretty good luck finding something (altho it’s pretty difficult to find clothes when a size 2 is too large… yeah, she needs to eat more). It was a quick Friday-Sunday trip… but more importantly, it was Penny’s first big trip away from home and staying in a hotel. We were anxious to see how she’d do.

Friday morning we headed to Rome to Mom’s house to get the van and head up to the mountains. We had decided to try to get Penny to ride in the puppy car seat; Oscar would never ride in it, preferring instead to “drive” draped across the lap of whoever happened to occupy the drivers’ seat (generally me). Needless to say, this is not the most safe way for anybody to travel. Fortunately, Penny took to it like the proverbial duck to water…She’d look out the window, curl up and have a nap… she didn’t even fuss when we stopped for fast food and deigned to eat a bite still parked in the car seat. Didn’t whine or bark (except when we drove through a storm and it thundered, but that’s another matter). We were very pleased.

On the way up, we try to always stop at the Mayfield Dairy in Athens, TN for some ice cream. All of us found it very tasty!We stayed in the Hampton Inn in Pigeon Forge. This particular hotel is located very close to the main outlets and is very comfortable and very pet friendly. We always stayed there when Oscar was with us, and their hospitality hasn’t changed. Penny did exceptionally well in the hotel and only barked a few times when there were some unexpected loud noises.

Mom bought a stroller for Oscar to use when shopping (DF Jill referred to it as his “Royal Carriage”), and Penny has inherited it. After some initial complaining, she settled right down in it and consented to be driven around. Sure beats walking, especially when your legs are so short!

We shopped Friday afternoon, and all day Saturday. Did some damage, but not as much as on other trips. Mom did find some suits, which was the main purpose of going.

As Richard said on Facebook, “We shopped till she dropped.”
On Sunday before we left town, we headed for the huge Flea Market that’s just off the interstate. That’s when Penny’s patience ran out. She was tired of being in the stroller and nothing would do but that she be carried around. She decided to bark at people. She was In A Mood — I dunno, maybe it was the Fleas. At any rate, we piled back in the van and headed south.

So, it was a successful trip with the hound. It appears we have another little traveler, so we’re anxious to return to Highlands. We haven’t been there for two years. Hoping for a trip this summer!

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  1. >She looks so comfy and snug in the puppy seat!Glad she travels well!

  2. >Glad you had a great trip with Penny. We have been taking Lily to the coast range and the beach lately. I bought one of those nice cushy carseats for her too. It has to be in the seat behind the drivers seat and she will sit there comfortably and not complain if it's me and her. If everyone else is in the car she wants to be on laps, usually whoever is sitting in that seat. 🙂 I love the ice cream picture, yum!

  3. >I love the seat….I need to look into one of those. It looks much easier to manage that the seat belts we have. I thrilled to hear she did so well.

  4. >It was so fun hearing about your trip to my fave vacation spot – we've been traveling to that area my whole life and I love it dearly. Sharing it with your family is even better – glad Penny did well – I know the hampton you speak of and it is in a great spot for shopping the outlets. what no visit to Dixie Darlin???? Highlands AHHHH – now that is heaven – we've got 3 long hot months before our trip to PF over labor day. thanks for sharing – Mel

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