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>One Year Ago Today…

>…a little dachshund just south of Atlanta had a litter of pups.

We were waiting and watching anxiously. Our house was empty. The loss was tremendous since our beloved Oscar had crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. We knew that we wouldn’t be a whole pack again until we could share our home with another dachshund.

And that little dachshund mother took good care of a little black and tan dapple girl. We talked about her. We speculated on what she was doing… how she was growing… whether she had her eyes open and if she was playing with her little puppy siblings. We called her “new puppy” — afraid to call her by name just in case the unthinkable happened.

And then, about 7 weeks later“new puppy” became Penny Jasmine, and she came home to live with us. Three perfect pounds of dachshund fury. If you haven’t guessed, she’s named after the character on “The Big Bang Theory”, and sometimes she looks up when Sheldon knocks on the door and says “Penny!”.

It had been a long time since we’d had a puppy. We’d forgotten how tough things like teething and potty training were. And there were times I had to remind our little girl that there was only going to be one top bee-yatch in the house, and it was gonna be me.

But she’s loving. And she’s a clown. And like all dachshunds, she thinks she’s much bigger than she actually is (although she’s now at 13 pounds — she’s a little fluffy or, as she prefers to say, she’s big boned). She loves her food and her chewies. She’s fierce from behind a window, and she’s successfully chased all the thunder away with her barking. She’s kept us safe from airplanes flying overhead as well as a woodpecker who had the audacity to hammer on the metal chimney cover.

She’s a bed hog. I wake up every morning with her snuggled up right at my shoulder. She doesn’t dive under the covers so much, but she has her own way of taking over at night and making sure she’s comfy.

She’s smart — learned to use the ramps right off the bat. She knows all the basic obedience commands. Whether she chooses to hear them is another matter entirely. I long ago resigned myself to the fact that I live with a dog who is much smarter than I am.

So, Happy Birthday Penny Jasmine! We love you, and we’re so glad you’re here. Thank you for all the joy you give us. And we’ll get those birthday cookies ready.

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  1. >Happy Birthday Penny! I hope you have a special day.

  2. >Awe!! Happy Birthday Penny!! We are so glad you found your home! You are so cute!! Hope you have a Barking good time!

  3. >Happy birthday, little girl!


  5. >Happy Birthday Penny, from Miss Lily.

  6. >Such a sweet face! Enjoy her for many more years to come.

  7. >What a beautiful little baby face.I hope she had the best birthday ever.

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