Have you any stash?

>The victim:
An unsuspecting ball of #8 DMC perle coton, color 739. Last seen being used as a lifeline in a knitted lace project. Mercilessly cut down in the prime of life.

The Culprit:
Caught red-pawed with the victim wrapped around several chairs under a dining table.

Culprit expressed no remorse for her actions and actually begged for a cookie when caught.

Comments on: ">Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?" (10)

  1. >Ahahaha, our puppy has been doing the same thing just within the last couple of days! It must be something in the air. 😉

  2. >But look at those innocent eyes! Clearly she was framed! (Apparantly with perle cotton.)(

  3. >Did she get her cookie?She's so cute that you won't be able to find a jury to convict her.

  4. >Oh, no!! LOL! Too cute!

  5. >I ask for mercy from the court. This poor has had a hard life. She didn't do it for malicious reasons, she just needed the pearl cotton to keep her warm. She was just trying to create a blanket to cuddle under. I hope the judge can find it in his heart to waive any punishment the jury might mete.

  6. >LOL!! Being cute certainly helps her cause doesn't it.

  7. >Missed your last post which was a great one! BTW – Is the Pennster named for the “Penny” on our new fave show Big Bang Theory? I just happened to wonder that when Sheldon was knocking on her door saying “hello Penny – hello Penny – hello Penny” LOL – reminded me of what you must be doing some of the time. WOW – what a great gift from a friend – the precious Wollemiese and other goodies – lucky lucky you! Take care Mel

  8. >Those eyes!! I think there were several times Angies cuteness saved her.

  9. >Cutest mug shots…evah!! =)

  10. >That’s a hilarious shot!Kim

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