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>…of Who’s in charge.

We got a reminder in Haiti last night. The suffering of that poor nation is tremendous… the history of corrupt government combined with the poverty, and now the smackdown of this earthquake… it’s almost too much for humans to comprehend.

It’s natural to want to help. And that’s what I want to talk to you about.

You’re going to see commercials on TV and hear them on the radio from relief agencies begging you for money. I’d like for you to consider other options, namely, faith-based relief organizations.

These organizations are not going to use their money on advertising. They operate as a branch of their denomination (or please forgive me, whatever branches of the Jewish faith are called… I’ll admit I don’t know), and their salaries and expenses are paid by the larger organization. That means that the money you donate for the cause actually goes to the cause and not to finance overhead.

More bang for the buck. As an accountant, I like that. And they’ll give you the receipt you need for your taxes.

These folks are often the first ones in to situations like Haiti. They go in quietly, doing their work without fanfare. You won’t see them on TV. They’re carrying out the mission their faith tells them to do, which is to serve their brothers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a believer or not. Just recognize the good work these organizations are doing, often on a shoestring budget. And help them if you can. I’ve put my money where my mouth is, and I encourage you to do the same.

Of the many organizations available, I can direct you to two I have personal experience with: the Presbyterians and the Methodists. There are many more available… just do your research and check them out before you give. Unfortunately, events like this also bring out a lot of charlatans.

God bless you for helping. God bless the relief workers. And God bless and help the people of Haiti.

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  1. >That's an awesome reminder – especially since every time there is a big tragedy, we hear months later about the waste and the 11 cents on the dollar that actually made it to where it was supposed to go.

  2. >Very well said!

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