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>Ice, Ice, Baby…

>What did I get for my birthday?? Ice.

There’s precedent: twenty-two years ago, my thirtieth birthday party was cancelled due to a good old-fashioned Southern snow storm… which to those of you who don’t live in these parts means a heavy coating of ice topped by about an inch or inch and a half of snow. We who were raised in the South understand that it means a snow day, and we hole up in our houses for the most part, having raided the local grocery stores of all the bread and milk, and we don’t leave until the ice melts, which is generally the next day. Now, I understand those of you from cooler climates don’t understand this but 1) you can’t drive on ice and 2) we just don’t have the equipment down here to clear the roads.

So on Wednesday, my two DFs Ann and Teresa came into town to spend the weekend with me for my birthday. We’d been cooking up this plan since ASG in October, and we were psyched about just hanging out on Thursday, doing shopping and eating out on Friday (my actual birthday) and then deciding what to do on Saturday.

Except… on Thursday afternoon it started raining. Then, it started snowing. Normally not much of a problem, since it generally melts and goes away, but we’ve been in the grips of the coldest weather this area has seen in, oh, 20 years (note reference above to my 30th birthday…). Somebody left the door to the arctic open and has seriously neglected to close it. So… the rain gave us a nice layer of ice for the snow to stick to, and the temps were low enough that it wasn’t going anywhere.

Thursday night DFs Jill, Heather, Andy, Debbie, and Linda joined us for stitch night and a brief celebration — Debbie brought some oh so delicious cupcakes! — but driving home was a bit dicey, but everyone reported in that they had made it safely.

Friday morning we turned on the TV and realized we weren’t going anywhere. Looked out the window at the ice on the road in front of the house and realized we weren’t going anywhere. Fortunately Richard was able to work from home (we discovered later that night that it was a really good thing he didn’t try to go in — his route to work was the scene of an 11 car pileup where people just abandoned their cars because they couldn’t move them on the ice). So… we had another day of hanging out, knitting, and stitching. Teresa discovered the wonders of the Wii and video games. πŸ™‚ And we shifted all our plans to Saturday.

Fortunately everything looked clearer on Saturday thanks to some sunshine and wind (the temps still hadn’t come up, so there wasn’t any actual melting). Richard and his “harem” ventured out… we met up with DFs Heather and Andy to shop at the Vera Bradley store (do you know you get a freebie from them on your birthday?? Sweet!) and Teavana (yum…). Then we ventured up to Buford, GA to shop at The Stitch Store (used to be The Dogwood Patch in Hiawassee, GA but recently moved and re-named). Lucked into their 20% off grand opening sale! πŸ™‚ It’s a nice store, with a very sweet owner, and she has a fabulous selection of fabric and fibers.

Saturday evening we were met by DF Cathy, and we all went to The Melting Pot for fondue. I absolutely love fondue, and this didn’t disappoint! Richard had arranged for balloons and a special gift of chocolate dipped strawberries as well. Everyone got different cheese fondues, entrees, and different chocolate dessert fondues so we were able to sample a lot.

What a wonderful birthday and a wonderful weekend! A little ice and snow can’t stop a good party. πŸ™‚

And the snow?? Someone had her first experience in it:


Till next time — stay warm!

Comments on: ">Ice, Ice, Baby…" (4)

  1. >Glad you were able to enjoy your birthday with friends! Penny wasn't fazed at all by the snow – but I have to say I always imagined you with more of a southern accent.

  2. >Happy Birthday Jean! It sounds like you had a wonderful long weekend of celebrating with friends!

  3. >Happy Belated Birthday! I celebrated mine on Saturday. We had more snow, but it didn't keep us in, we slightly more used to it in Southern Indiana.

  4. >Happy happy belated birthday Jean – I wish I could have been there to celebrate with ya;ll and see the novelty snow. I am glad to hear you thought the new Stitch Store was nice – I am on Terri's email list and did not realize that this town was that close to you. Have you been to the new Knitch location? Can't wait to visit your neck of the woods again – maybe later this year. Here's to NO MORE SNOW ! Mel

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