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>I have a Drama Queen

>So Penny has to go see Dr. Weaver for a nail trim (known here as a mani-pedi… we want The Princess to think she is only getting the Royal Treatment she deserves). We also needed to get her weighed to get the proper dose of Advantage Multi, which is what we’re using for flea/heartworm prevention.

The good news: She continues to grow and is up to 8 pounds of dachshund fury. At five months, Dr. Weaver says she’ll probably add about 10 to 20% more body weight when she’s full grown… so we’re probably looking at a petite flower of 9 to 10 pounds when she’s full grown.

The bad news: She can put on a drama scene worthy of Camille. She began screaming when we got in the room at the vet’s office. She continued screaming and brought it to a crescendo when the vet tech picked her up for Dr. Weaver to begin trimming her nails.

Then she bit the vet tech. I was mortified.

They switched places. Dr. Weaver held, while the tech trimmed nails.

Penny bit Dr. Weaver. I wanted to drop through the floor.

I don’t think I’ve apologized so much in so short a period of time in my life. Of course, they laughed it off and said it was part of the job. Dr. Weaver spoke sternly to Penny and everything ended with Penny giving Dr. Weaver kisses…. but still.

Now, Penny still hasn’t had the dreaded bath. We put her in an empty tub the other night, and you’d have thought we were killing her… so we’ve decided to wimp out and let the pros do it. I’m taking her back to the vet’s office on Friday for a trip to the beauty salon.

Pray for them.

Comments on: ">I have a Drama Queen" (5)

  1. >I'm sorry but I'm laughing so hard. You were very descriptive and I could just picture it all.I'll say a prayer for them. LOL

  2. >I feel bad laughing, but I can't help myself!

  3. >Welcome to my world with Mitzi who is in total touch with her inner b. Her drama queen act manifests when she has to stay at the vets because we have chosen to stay at a place that does not allow pets. We have had success with behavior management of reward and shunning.Doodle

  4. >I wonder if she'll bite the groomer….Nothing wrong with letting the pros do it. Some gals just don't like the mani/pedi. I guess Princess Penny is one of them!

  5. >My little Lucy was a drama queen, too. As soon as she saw the clippers in my hand she started a high pitches scream that just about destroyed my hearing. When I took her to see the vet and he clipped her nails she held her foot up, wagged her tail and licked his hand. So, of course, he thought I was making it all up.

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