Have you any stash?


>I enjoy Twitter. It helps me keep track of a number of friends of mine, both in real life and my cyber friends. I get a lot of NASCAR news updates from a lot of writers I follow, as well as several drivers and crew members (I won’t deny that a bunch of us were squeeing like 14 year old fangirls when Michael Waltrip actually tweeted back to our friend Jen, but that’s another matter entirely).

Penny has her own Twitter account, and she routinely tweets and sends pictures commenting on life as a dachshund puppy. Turns out she’s not alone. There’s several other dachshunds on Twitter who are also very communicative and a number of other dogs who are following her. Penny actually has tweet conversations with a couple of dachshunds on a regular basis. They don’t like thunder, vacuum cleaners, or baths either.

What irritates me about Twitter is the inevitable appearance of spammers. No, I don’t smoke cigars. No, I don’t want to buy steaks. Thank you, but I’m not really in debt over my head, and even if I were, I don’t think I’d need your help to get out.

I’ve been trying to figure out if there’s a pattern to what I post that might make me more appealing to these dweebs, but for the life of me I can’t.

And no, frankly I don’t want to see your sexxxxxxy pictures, either. Neither does Penny.

I’m wondering if any of these porn spammers know they’re really following a 20 week old dachshund puppy??

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  1. >I laughed the other day when I tweeted about the cats tapdancing on the hardwood floors and moments later, I had a hardwood flooring company following me. Still haven't figured out if there's anything specific with the pr0n people, but I suspect just having an account for them to spam is enough.

  2. >between your blog post and Mish's comment I was LMAO!

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