Have you any stash?

>Well, folks, it’s been a sucky week. Actually a pretty sucky two weeks, but I digress….

If you check the calendar, Monday is October 15. This is a date that CPAs across the country look at with a sense of dread. It’s the drop dead date for individual tax filings without penalty. This means that everyone who has put off filing their return has to get their act together and actually get their stuff to you.

In general, most of these people are not happy, because they’re not getting refunds. They’re looking to reduce the tax liability that they should have paid back in April. So they like to “discuss” things with you. Some of their ideas are useful. Some of them would see everyone in San Quentin (where, I’m told, they won’t let you have sharp objects, but again, I digress). Some of these discussions can get quite lively. After some of them, you hand people’s stuff back to them and tell them to find another accountant, because you’re not going to jail or losing your license for them or anyone else.

October 15 also draws it’s share of looney tunes out of the woodwork. Folks that will drive you absolutely nuts. You’d think that having had 10 months to actually accumulate paperwork, folks would have it all together. Think again. Sometimes it’s because they never got it…. this I understand, because heaven knows I don’t trust the postal service. Sometimes you get stuff ripped into a gazillion pieces (yeah, the dog ate it). Sometimes, a week before taxes are due, they bring you a **grocery bag** full of receipts (these are known as the “cha-ching” returns because you can hear the price going up).

So, it’s been a very stressful two weeks for these and some other reasons I won’t go into here. Suffice it to say when I ran out of Ben & Jerry’s earlier this week it nearly precipitated a call to Homeland Security. Richard and Oscar have been practicing duck and cover for the most part as I scream at the computer.

But then, today…. a wonderful and unexpected thing happened. A package arrived from Needlecraft Corner. Drema is constantly on the lookout for sheepies for me, and has me on “sheepie automatic” and loves to surprise me. It couldn’t have come at a better time.New sheepies. Brand spanking new sheepies. The Wooly Wintertime sheepie came with stuff so I could start stitching immediately.If Richard had been home, I’m convinced he would have dangled the box in front of me like a piece of meat you dangle in front of a wild animal to try to gain its trust…..

I love Drema. šŸ™‚

Comments on: ">Why I Love Needlecraft Corner" (3)

  1. >Cute sheepies!!! I send loads of hugs your way. I can’t even imagine the level of stupid you deal with daily. Makes my weekly calls to BellSouth and Earthlink seem positively tame.

  2. >Another reason we love Drema! The 15th draws close and even better, this time next week we’ll be in a hotel room in L’ville in our jammies stitching, or talking about stitching, both are good!

  3. >Very cute sheepies… And I love Drema as well. Now it’s the 16th and I still haven’t heard the cry of relief/joy from Cobb Co. Maybe I will hear it tonight?

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