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>That’ll Wake You Up

>I’m the first to admit that I enjoy a good nap… especially on a Sunday afternoon after church. The Nextel Cup race was last night (ok. I’m over the fact that Dale Jr. didn’t make it into the Chase), and the Falcons weren’t really doing all that well against the Vikings, so I didn’t fight much when the Nap Monster took over.

Then the phone rang. It was American Express, and right up front they said it wasn’t a sales call. By the way, had I tried to make some charges totaling about $1300 over the internet today? The amount looked a bit suspicious….

Uh. No.

“Well, we’ve denied the charges, and we’re stopping your account, but you might want to check your next bill.”

“Hang on and I’ll pull it up….. Holy Cow!”

Yep. They’d been having a party since September 1, and they hadn’t even invited me. Total was almost $1800 till today when evidently they got greedy. Then AmEx read me the litany of charges they had made today…. small ones that didn’t include the $1300 that drew attention to themselves.

My personal fave was the $103 they’d spent at QVC, so I decided to give QVC a call (since most of you know I’m the QVC queen). Got the customer service rep and informed them that someone had bought something with my credit card and gave them the card number.

“Yes, someone did purchase something with that card today.”

“Well, you probably don’t want to send it. They stole that card number from me; it’s been reported to American Express, and I’m not paying it. By the way, what did they buy?”

“I’ll report this to our fraud department and we’ll get in touch with American Express. We can’t release any other information due to privacy concerns.”

Privacy Concerns?? These lowlifes have tried to steal from me, them, AmEx and all of us in general and they have Privacy Concerns???? Give Moi a major break.

I’m just hoping I didn’t buy too many Adult Entertainment books, videos and supplies for them….

Comments on: ">That’ll Wake You Up" (3)

  1. >Oh poor Jean! That’s a horrible way to be woken up from a nap. Glad that their fraud dept. finally caught on though. Hopefully they’ll be able to catch the bad guys/girls since they were ordering stuff to be shipped out.

  2. >Oh, gosh!!! I’m surprised it took Amex so long to figure it out! I hope everything gets straightened out quickly.

  3. >Limits…. you know anything under a certain amount. Remember those fraudsters are smart ones…. they finally hit a good amount that had to be called in… but glad they caught it. Oh and Jean – have a password added to your account. Something unique so this won’t be a possibility in the future.

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