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>Evidently I have a type…

>Another day with the organizer on Wednesday. We’re making lots of progress, but I have to tell you this whole process is exhausting (sorry, Jenn — I know she’s reading this!). I find it amazing the projects I’m finding. What’s more amazing is that I can tell you what was going on in my life when I was working on most of them. One I found from when my mom had surgery about 8 or 9 years ago was finished except for attaching 3 charms. I guess I must have put it away because I didn’t have a beading needle in the hospital, and I kind of lost track of it. I plan to finish that up as soon as I finish posting this.

Another is the small project I took with me to work on in the waiting room while my dad had his radiation treatments for the brain tumor. Needless to say, there’s some upsetting memories associated with that one, so I’m not sure when, or if, it’ll be finished up. Although it’s been almost six years since he passed away, I still haven’t gotten to the point where I can even think about those days without crying, so I’m not sure if working on that project would be a good part of the healing process or not. I’ll address that another day.

But as the subject says, evidently I have a type. My task while Jenn was here yesterday was to sort and organize all my tapestry and other needles that I had in this nifty multi-drawer unit I’ve had for awhile. Here’s the end result:
If you look carefully at the top row (please excuse the glare from the flash), you’ll notice 5 drawers full of size 28 needles. Evidently I prefer to use 28s in stitching. And, evidently I don’t need to buy any of them or any other type of needle in the near future.

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  1. >Be careful what you say your organizer is listening!! I am sorry I wore you out. I have to say I almost fell a sleep at the hair salon while the cute assistant was washing my hair. We did get a lot of work done and I cannot sleep thinking of the new arrangements in the two rooms. I can’t wait to get there on Monday and tackle the other side of the room. We are almost sorted so now we have to do the rearranging. I promise we will get all of these puzzle pieces back together. It might take some tweeking but we can do it. Get some rest over the weekend because…..I’ll be back!!! (imagine that with the Terminator’s accent). Your Cheerleader and Clutter Coach,Jenn

  2. >You totally have me beat. I aspire to reach your level of readiness in the stitching arena. I mean, to have that many size 28 needles outside a shop is just perfect. Now I know where to go when I’m in town to find an extra needle if I need one. (And apparently we’re the same type, I love size 28’s, but I know I don’t have as many as you do and I’m having needle envy because of it…however I’ll live!)

  3. >Hi Jean -When you are finished with Jenn, can you send her my way – up to Baltimore! I too am in the process of organizing my stash room but so far the only thing I have managed to do is mess up a second room as I try to get the first room organized. I wonder if I will ever get through this process!!! Of course, if I would stop buying that might help at least “stop the bloodflow”!!! ;)See you soon!Carol B.

  4. >Lucky you Jean… we must all be Size 28 needle types, but only if they are John James. I don’t care for Piecemaker as much.Jenn is so lucky she gets to review all the cooooool stash and has no idea how much we envy her review of it all. I know how much fun it can all be organizing, packing, sorting….. etc, etc, etc.

  5. >Jean — Back to the drawing board for me. I had the wonderful idea of giving eveyone packages of NEEDLES for Christmas. Umm what else can I do???

  6. >Holy pointed instrument, batman! So we can just “shop” in the Shoppe Upstairs if we need anything? Or maybe soon?I can’t wait to see the final product. Maybe it will be inspiration to me…

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