Have you any stash?

>… I think it was taken up with far too much work and far too little fun! Had a lot of work to do for clients this week. Work = money, which is good, but it really eats into my stitching/knitting/blogging time, ya know??

We’re currently getting ready for the Big Stitch Weekend, where all of our stitch group will gather for merriment. Vicky is graciously allowing us to invade her house. I’m psyched because Judy, Teresa, and Ann are all coming into town. Haven’t seen Judy since Feb., and it’s been Oct. since I saw Teresa and I think that long since Ann was in town (altho if memory serves, she may have made a December weekend…. It was a long time ago anyhow). Even tho I talk to my buds nearly daily either on the computer or on the phone, it’s always great to have them here. And Judy’s bringing her friend Joan with her, who I believe is about to become a good friend of mine as well. She’s a fellow NASCAR fan and a knitter and stitcher, so what’s not to like??? 🙂

New Vista computer is now behaving much better after I deleted the Evil McAfee security program that was bogging down my surfing and (gasp!) not letting me onto my fave NASCAR site that’s hosted by ESPN. Oh, the humanity!! Alpha Geek Hubby figured that out late last night so I zapped that sucker this morning, and even tho Vista is issuing dire warnings that I’m “unprotected” (I can only imagine that I’m about to get some dire computer social disease), I’m a much happier person.

So I hope to maybe post some pictures of the merriment early next week (or, at the very least, have some good blackmail material). Maybe I’ll even get a little stitching or knitting done. But I know I’ll do a lot of laughing, and that’ll be good for my soul.

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