Have you any stash?

>It’s just flat out dangerous to let me loose in a store when I’m under stress. I was in Office Depot on the fourth of July, and there was an awesome deal on a Gateway laptop that I just plain couldn’t resist. So, it came home with me. I hadn’t wanted a computer with Vista, considering *none* of my work software runs on it, but this one will be nice to play with for all my stuff at home. 1G RAM, 160 G Hard Drive, 4 USB 2 ports, firewire, modem, wireless built in, SD card reader built in, PC card reader built in, DVD R/W (I found it amusing that the blurb on the box says “Watch movies and be productive”… yeah, right). It probably has more geeky stuff that I can’t remember right now. The kewlest thing for me at the moment is being able to have the computer on my lap while sitting on the sofa and watching the big TV. My previous system had no battery life, so I’m kinda enjoying surfing while watching NASCAR coverage. 🙂

Many thanks to my Alpha Geek hubby who spent most of the afternoon transferring information files and such from one computer to another. He’s very handy with that; of course, he never has to worry about having his taxes done. 🙂

As for the stress, I’m hoping that it’s coming to an end. Had a very productive meeting regarding Lynne’s estate this week, and I think maybe now everyone’s finally on the same page as to what needs to be done to finish stuff up. With any luck, I can close it down by the end of the summer.

Not much knitting this week. I did take a wheel spinning class, only to determine that I’m a remedial spinner. We think the problem may, unfortunately, be with my wheel, but I came up with another solution to that to be revealed in a later post…..

As for stitching… I’m still working on a sheep that I’m **almost** finished with. With any luck I’ll have a picture here soon!

Comments on: ">Blogging from the new computer" (2)

  1. >Congrats on the new computer!!! I’ll be getting one sooon…sooon….I can’t wait to hear the spinning wheel saga.

  2. >Cool about blogging from the new computer. Sounds like you found a great deal and a new toy!

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