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Attitude Adjustment, lesson two

Let’s just state right now that the earth is back on its axis: the real NFL refs have returned to the field, so productivity can return to the American workplace.

Princess Penny has done pretty well with her first week of training.  I’m pretty sure there were a number of puppy “WTF?” moments when she realized the ramps were down when the Alphas were out of the house and she had to be invited up on the sofa and the bed.  She’s taken to staying on her actual dog bed in the bedroom during the week when we’re not home; I actually forgot to take the ramp from the bed down one day and she still stayed on the dog bed.  She was a lot better about the playbiting and the nipping for attention, and when she did bite my hands, I used the correction technique the trainer showed us and she calmed down quickly. Only one minor growling incident that didn’t escalate.

Jerad came again on Saturday afternoon for lesson two, bringing with him the pinch collar.  I’m gonna say right up front that I know many of you have reassured me that this really won’t hurt her and will work wonders, but after Saturday’s lesson, I’m really shaken. Jerad put the collar on Penny, and we went outside to walk.

Penny’s the only dog in the world who doesn’t think outside is a fabulous place.  She’s a sofa spud, not unlike her humans, who generally spend their evenings on the sofa with computers in their laps. Penny will go outside to do her biz, but otherwise, forget it.

So, when we got outside, she immediately laid down in the front yard and refused to move, as is her typical action.

Jerad was having none of that. She was going for a walk, so he tugged on the leash and pinch collar.  Penny screamed.  I died a little inside.

He dragged her up, still screaming, across the driveway, into the road.  I kept dying.  This is when I started doubting what we’re doing.

She finally started walking, and we walked up and down the road several times with minor corrections with the collar when she’d try to run ahead. (Usually when she sees the house, she’ll start running to get back home.)

We got back in and the lesson was over,  Jerad wanted us to leave that collar on her the entire time we’re home.  I was having none of it. The collar came off.  We had a horrible growling episode trying to take the collar off, which Jerad corrected.  Then later that evening on the sofa, we had another horrible episode, which Richard corrected.

Jerad also wanted us to unblock the stairs so she could learn to climb them, but I also refused to do that.  He may know dogs, but I know dachshund anatomy, and that’s bad for their backs.

Right now I’m just not sure if this is going to work. The pinch collar goes on over her head, and Penny hates anything that goes over her head.

All I want is for my dog to come when I call her and for her to not bite me.