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We were very excited to have a brief visit from our friend Ann who scammed convinced the government to pay for some of her continuing education in Atlanta this month.  She stayed with us, so that saved taxpayer money, right??

On Saturday, all of us went to the tenth annual Howl-o-Weenie, sponsored by the fine folks at DREAM Dachshund rescue.  We suited up Penny in her brand new Dachshund Delights harness and headed over for the festivities.

Now, Penny is not what you would call a “dog person”.  She’s very well socialized with people and has never met a stranger.  In fact, every human on the planet was put here to give her a belly rub, and if you don’t believe her, she’ll remind you when she drapes herself across your feet, belly up, ready to be adored.  But dogs are a different matter.  She’s never around a lot of them, and frankly, they’re noisy, they (gasp!) sniff her butt, and just generally invade her personal space.  And yes, it’s our fault that she’s not well socialized with dogs… but really, we’re never around them and we’re around people more.

But we took her to the event with wiener dogs as far as the eye could see.  Standards, minis, tweenies, smoothies, longhairs, wires, dapples, piebalds — virtually every type of dachshund you would ever want to see was represented.  I think the best we can say for Penny was that she tolerated everyone well… unlike a couple of, shall we say “disagreements” that happened between some dogs at the event.

The highlight of the event for us was the costume contest.  I forgot my “real” camera, but I managed to snap some shots with my trusty iPhone:

These scoundrels were headed for Alpotraz

Here’s the Bride of Frankenweenie

This gentleman was quite proud of his Dr. Who costume. Truly it was better than the Dr. Who costume with the same theme right before him…

Here’s a little dachshund mermaid (mer-dog?)

The squirrel hunter and his rather long and low prey

All of this group was off to see the Wizard…

Finally, my favorite… although the human didn’t get that it wasn’t the Howl-O-Pomeranian… but I’d give it a resounding “10” (held up like Bruno)

We had a most enjoyable morning, although Penny was glad to get back home. Since she’s still on injured reserve, we took it easy with the heavy training this week and we’re still enforcing the new house rules.  We’ve only had one growling episode — during the night when she desperately wanted to go track Ann — and I was able to correct her this time which was very important to me since I’m trying to establish my place in her pecking order.  Hoping the medicam does the trick and we can get to work with another trainer very soon.