Have you any stash?

I’m taking a break…

I decided today that I’ve had it up to here (imagine my hand up at my hairline) with politics.

This is a big revelation for me, since I’m a naturally political animal.  One of my degrees is in Political Science.  The system and how it works fascinates me.

The problem is that this go round, everything is so horribly nasty that it’s just overwhelmingly exhausting.

I made up my mind how I’m going to vote a long time ago.  Very little outside of a headline in bold print about drowning puppies while running over kittens with a tank could change that.

So, I see no need to subject myself to the horrible animosity being generated by the current climate.  I’ve spent the afternoon going through my Facebook newsfeed and clearing it of many of the political sites I follow.  To all my friends who just can’t resist sharing such content, don’t be surprised if I unfollow you until sometime in mid-November.  It’s probably the only way we’ll stay friends.

With any luck my newsfeed will be full of NASCAR and dachshunds.

Like much of the American public, I’m tired – and I don’t know how the heck we got to this point.  For my own sanity, I’ve got to take a break.

I’ll re-evaluate after November 8.

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