Have you any stash?

O Christmas Tree

When I got home last night from my stitch group’s annual Christmas party, this awaited me:

2014treeIt’s been over 13 years since we’ve put up a tree; I know we haven’t done one since my father’s illness and death.  This particular little one was given to us by my friend Vicky in an effort to encourage us to be more festive.  Richard got it out of the basement last night while I was gone and put it up.

Now I guess it’s time to get out all those ornaments I’ve worked on over the years and dress it up.  Nothing worse than a nekkid Christmas tree.

Comments on: "O Christmas Tree" (2)

  1. How very sweet of your friend Vicky and how sweet of Richard to get it set up. I’d love to see it decorated. Thinking of you!

  2. Bonnie/tinkknitz said:

    *wipes tear at Hallmark moment*
    What a guy. Knows you pretty well does he? I agree with Jackie, would love to see pictures of some of your handmade ornaments. I hope your Christmas was full of good memories, good friends and good food.

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