Have you any stash?

Evidently, Atlanta Gas Light *really* wanted to get into our house for something.  We hadn’t been home when they’d come calling (really, how many 2 income families have someone home during the day during the week?), and when Richard worked from home today, he called to see what they wanted.  Evidently, they wanted to replace our gas meter.  We decided we’d call them back after October 15 when my schedule freed up some and I could be home to wait on them.

Imagine my surprise when, around 3:00, there comes a banging on the door.  I look outside (dude didn’t give me a chance to actually answer the door), and there’s an Atlanta Gas Light truck outside.  Richard went out to talk to him, and he allows that he’s got to get in the house after he installs the new meter to check the gas appliances and re-light them.  What would have happened if we weren’t home?  He said he’d have gone off with them unlit, and that was our problem.

I was aghast at the “customer service” attitude, and I went out to get his truck number.  I had started to call to complain about him, when he came to the door, and opened it.

As usual, Penny was on guard at the door, but when it opened, she went flying out.  Without collar or leash on.

I ran past the guy, yelling “You jerk! You let my dog out!”  Frankly, as angry as I was, he’s lucky “jerk” was the only thing that came out.

I managed to catch Penny (that extra weight on her has its advantages), and turned to go back to the house, when I see Gas Dude coming toward me, cell phone in hand.

He informs me that I’ve assaulted him; he’s never been talked to like that before; and he’s calling the cops.

I informed him that he’d best get back and finish his job… and oh, by the way, he was on my property without my invitation, and that’s trespassing.

He huffed back to his truck; I went in the house, called Richard to handle Gas Dude, and went in the bedroom with Penny (since obviously I was a threat) and called Atlanta Gas Light and waited for the cops.

At least Atlanta Gas Light was apologetic.  I told them I still needed someone to finish the job (Gas Dude was still in his truck in front of the house.  I assumed he was waiting to swear out a complaint).  They assured me someone would be there to finish it.  I promised I wouldn’t hurt his tender feelings anymore. (Yeah, I was a bit snarky.)

A few minutes later, Gas Dude’s boss came and went with him (and Richard) to assure all our appliances were working.  Then they both left.

Cops never showed.  I sense that this wasn’t the first time Gas Dude has had this problem.

But you don’t mess with my dog.

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  1. Cathy Miller said:

    I’m sorry I don’t live next door to you. That would have been interesting to watch, and given me a laugh or two. Seems like some repair people think they can do no wrong. They don’t take into consideration that it isn’t their home and most times they are unwanted guests there. They are required to ask permission to enter the property because there may be a pet (or small child) needing supervision before they enter. They seem to think they are in charge when it really is the other way around. Give some people a little power and they seem to think they can do no wrong. GLAD you stood up for your rights.

    He didn’t call the cops cause he knew he was tresspassing – like you informed him.

    Besides if all you did was call him a name, that’s slander. For assault, you actually have to touch him – even if you only put one finger on him- that’s assault. Therefore, if you want to assault someone you might as well take a round-house swing and do some damage so when you are charged you at least have the satisfaction of making good contact.

  2. Yeah, trust me. Had I meant to do harm to him, he’d still have been feeling it… The whole thing was just ridiculous – as I think his boss discovered when he showed up. Thanks for the support (and the comment – I just love it when people leave comments… 🙂 )

  3. Bonnie/tinkknitz said:

    Ready with bail, getaway car and yarn. I despise anybody who rings/knocks and can not wait more than three seconds before bolting for the next victim (:€
    (That is my emoticon for a pissed off puppy saying grrrrrrrr and showing teeth)

    Disclaimer:my info is Maryland based and done in August 2012
    You weren’t notified? There probably is a legal opt out buried on the website. You may also find their reasons you “WANT” your data bundled with your neighbors and streamed every (insert minutes here). It is not to save money, and there is pending legislation. Meanwhile installation begins. It may be too late, but if you were not notified and mailed literature, you might want to investigate. Also, consumer groups have questioned the safety and accuracy based on indoor vs. outdoor placement.

    Maryland (BGE) is starting Smart Grid county by county. We were notified a month ago and I got a projected window of a week in November. I can track my day online I have to believe Atlanta has the same type regulations for due notification and opt out.

    Be the dog. Protect the bone.

  4. Bonnie/tinkknitz said:

    P.S. tweet the truck number and company with appropriate #

    Utility companies have media consultants to monitor these things at higher levels.

    • bonnie/tinkknitz said:

      FYI : I tweeted a #FAIL for Atlanta Gas Light that day because I was still thinking about you and Penney and all your troubles.*


  5. John DePaula said:

    Arrrgggg! This story makes me boiling mad! First of all, @Cathy, it’s only slander if the accusation is false and damages his reputation. Sounds like neither is the case here. Secondly, he should consider himself lucky if you don’t sue his butt back to the stone-age. Entering your house uninvited?! Yeah, sure, he’s calling the police… right. just be sure you dial 911 yourself to report an intruder.

    I agree with Bonnie, tweet away. When companies realize they can’t just do anything they like they shape up real fast.

  6. Jean, I love you. I don’t know how I missed this post, but it’s a great illustration of how awesome you are. Don’t mess with with the doxie or her human!

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