Have you any stash?


Things on my mind… in no particular order.

1. This tax season has been one of the worst I’ve been through.  All my clients appear to be waking up late (“geez! It’s almost April!”), and some of the corporates dumped a year’s worth of work at one time without complete information — and I’m still trying to get out from under that.  Gak.  I’d say I can’t wait for it to be over, but then I realize there’s a lot of late nights and weekend work ahead.

2.  I have decided that this will be the year of rainbow colored Chucks.  To that end, I have acquired green, turquoise, and aqua colored ones. When my purse recovers, I’ll go after some purple and pink.

3.  An old friend and I made amends over a spat we’d had. I’d missed her, and it’s good to have her back. Anytime you’re in a relationship with someone, you’re going to go through ups and downs. It’s how you get through them that counts.

4.  I have a small needlepoint finish – the first of the Raymond Crawford “dog bones” I’m working on….

Bow Wow

I hope to get it to the finisher sometime soon, but realistically, it’s not gonna happen till after tax season.

5.  Pollen sucks.

Comments on: "Randomness" (2)

  1. I am looking forward to seeing your rainbow-colored feet. Congrats on the np finish! Looks cute.

    And at least I’m consistent about being late with my taxes. 😉

  2. tinkknitz said:

    I can brighten your day!!! I am not driving to Georgia with a folder.

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