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Happy Birthday Penny!


Our little girl is 3 today!

It seems like yesterday that we picked up that little furball from the breeder.  From the first moment we met her, she started giving us kisses, and she still gives us (and anyone who will hold still long enough) puppy kisses any time she can.

Her main job (other than constant companion) is Watch Dog.  She takes this very seriously and lets us know if anything is out of the ordinary in her world.  We are alerted to birds, cars, fax machines, telephones, doorbells on the TV, ants farting, planes overhead… you know… anything that might indicate Danger. Of course, she doesn’t want to confront the actual Danger; she prefers to bring up the rear and let us check it out first. Girl’s not stupid. 

Penny has a healthy appetite.  While her parents were a petite 9 and 10 pounds, the Pennster is rockin’ the scales at a whopping 19.  I can relate to the battle of the waistline… but she seems happy and healthy… and we have ramps *everywhere* in the house to try to avoid any back issues.  As a matter of fact, Penny never learned to go up or down a flight of stairs.  She gets to them and then just looks at us to pick her up. 

We’re absolutely crazy about our dog… I just can’t imagine how empty our lives would be without one. So Happy Birthday to our little Penny!  We love you, even when you hog the bed.  I’m sure there’s some goodies in store for dinner tonight.



Comments on: "Happy Birthday Penny!" (2)

  1. knock knock knock…
    knock knock knock…
    knock knock knock…

  2. Wow! can’t believe she’s 3!! Happy Birthday Penny!

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