Have you any stash?

Entering busy season…

So, maybe once a month is adequate for posting, eh?  And considering the number of spam comments I appear to be attracting lately, it’ll give the spammers something new to look at.

The winter is always a busy season for accountants.  I’ve been aflutter with W2s, 1099s, 941s, 940s, and a lot of other seemingly meaningless numbers that annoy business owners and cause them to seek out my services.  The month of January was complicated by the fact that my allegedly “professional” writeup system elected to seriously torque up one of my client’s files and cause his payroll reports to be inaccurate.  Considering I get billed everytime I called tech support, and considering they wanted an exorbitant amount of money to fix a problem I didn’t cause, I elected to transfer my files to another system – so I had to re-enter a whole lot of data. I accept data entry as a necessary evil, but it does not make me happy.

I was delighted to spend my birthday with DF Teresa and Ann.  Altho Teresa and I had varying amounts of illness (I had a level of crud from mid December till late January that I just couldn’t shake), we had fun just hanging around the house, stitching and knitting, visiting, and watching TV and movies.

On the knitting front… I have a couple of small finishes:

These are socks made from  Malabrigo Rasta – free pattern from KNITfreedom.

Same socks, made from Lion Brand yarn.  Both pairs of socks were for Mom.

Not a lot of progress on the stitching front.  I was fortunate to take a class with Julia Snyder at In Stitches last weekend.  In these classes, Julia takes a canvas you bring in and designs a custom stitch guide.  If you don’t have threads, she’ll go through the shop and select the appropriate fibers to make the most out of the stitch patterns she’s put together for you.  If you enjoy needlepoint, I strongly suggest that you take one of Julia’s classes if you ever have an opportunity.

Until next time, I leave you with another gratuitous cute dog photo….

Comments on: "Entering busy season…" (3)

  1. I had a cat who slept like that!! Except cats aren’t engineered to sleep like that so he snored.. loudly… I guess it’s why I’m pretty much immune to Curt’s night noises.

  2. Ugh, thanks for the tax reminder, gotta find that TurboTax email. Maybe I’ll print cute dog and stick her in the envelope for good measure.

  3. Now that’s relaxation. =)

    Uhhh…taxes…yeah…I’m getting on that.

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