Have you any stash?

>Drumroll, please…

>Today is April 15. It’s a big day for two reasons. First, it’s the end of the first wave of tax season. Second, and most importantly, it’s a new beginning.

April 15, 2010 is the first day of business for Early & Smith, LLC, an accounting and financial services firm I’ve created with my new partner, Steve Smith. Steve is an Enrolled Agent (EA) and is becoming licensed to provide investment services to our clients.

I’ve known Steve for nearly 20 years now, since we both survived worked at Universal Tax Systems in Rome, GA. He’s a Northwest Georgia kid like me, and we share a lot of the same values.

Bob is going to ease into retirement after this tax season, and Steve will be working with a lot of his clients. We’re hoping to work together to grow the business a lot more.

I’m excited — I think this is going to be the beginning of a great new partnership!!

Comments on: ">Drumroll, please…" (7)

  1. >Congrats on surviving and congrats on the new partner! I hope you're taking tomorrow off and getting some rest.

  2. >Congrats! I hope all will go as planned.

  3. >Yeah for both reasons! Don't you just love new beginnings?

  4. >Woo hoo!!! *throws confetti*

  5. >Congratulations, Jean! Nothing like a fresh start, especially in the spring of the year when the earth is beginning another productive season. I am very happy for you.

  6. >That's such great news, Jean! You must be so relieved!

  7. >YAY!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!So happy – for everything except the words "first wave"?

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