Have you any stash?

>…but I took the weekend off.

I’d had it. Too tired to think about anything, and I considered myself a danger to work on anybody’s stuff. The kicker was on Thursday, when I had one of the worst dizzy spells I’d ever had while I was at a client. Ya know… the room reeling, hold on to the chair for dear life, don’t dare get up for fear of falling down kind of dizzy spell. I worked through it; it was probably a mistake because I found out Friday some errors I made that I’m going to have to correct. Upon review of the days leading up to it, it was probably also a mistake to subsist almost exclusively on Girl Scout Cookies, apple fritters, and caffeine — did I mention the caffeine??

So evidently it was time for a personal “ctrl-alt-del” and a reboot and recharge to get through the next couple of weeks. I decided to go through the Easter weekend and spend it with my “pack” of Richard and Penny and not work.

Saturday we got up and decided it was time for a full pack outing. Started off at Starbucks for the first dining outside of the year. Penny delighted us by chasing petals blowing off the Bradford pear trees when the wind blew. She delighted the children stopping by with their mom on the way through Georgia from Wisconsin to Florida. From there, she went to Top Dogs, where she scored some treats, and we put her in her stroller to go to the Bird Watcher store to get her used to being in it in anticipation of a marathon shopping trip to Pigeon Forge with Grandma later this spring.
We’ll just say this experiment wasn’t a rousing success. Think “toddler tantrum” and screaming dog. We’re hoping that if we tire her out a bit more before we put her in it she might be more amenable to being driven around.

From there we traveled to check out a new yarn store that had been opened by a friend of a friend of mine. Lovin’ Knit has just started up, and I had met Pat who owns it at the Starbucks (where else do I hang out?) earlier this winter when she was there meeting with some yarn reps. I think I’m known as the yarn-crazed CPA who accosted her while she was trying to do business… At any rate, turns out Pat knows Bruce, who I do business with for Aflac… (insert small world comment here). The store is very cute and Pat has done a great job getting some very yummy yarn in…
(Have I mentioned I have a little problem with yarn?)

After the yarn shop, we went to another dog boutique (more cookies for Princess Chunky Butt!), a jewelry store (more Pandora charms!) and lunch (Penny enjoyed some bites as we ate outdoors with her).

Today we went to church for Easter services (don’t fall over… I actually put on a dress!), and after a grocery store run we’ve been at home for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Richard has wound one of those skeins of yarn for me. I think I’m going to go start a pair of socks. 🙂

Till tomorrow, when it’s time to work on the taxes again….

Comments on: ">I’m probably going to regret this…" (6)

  1. >I'm so glad you took some needed Jean time!

  2. >I'm glad to see that you took a full weekend off. You needed the chance to rest, recharge, and go yarn shopping!There is no such thing as a yarn problem.Penny's "ride" reminds me of the Pope Mobile! Do you think she was expecting the Cinderella carriage?

  3. >I'm glad you too a weekend off as well! It sounds like you really needed it.A couple of comments on the stroller. Last night we were at Petco and saw one and my 16 yod asked who would use a stroller for their dog. 😉 We both got a giggle out of your post here. On other ideas though for Penny to get used to it. Take her around the block in it every day. Give her treats while in it, like training treats, making it into a good/yummy experience. My daughter suggested giving her a Kong with pb and banana frozen in it or a bully stick. Those bully sticks are disgusting, but our puppy really likes them. Make sure she has a towel under her when she is chewing on it.

  4. >Good for you for taking time off. Think of how much worse you would feel if you hadn't. And if you have a yarn problem, then I have a yarn problem. And I know I don't have a yarn problem! 😉

  5. >Great post Jean – it was so fun hearing about how you spent your weekend and the escapades with Penny in the new stroller – it was too cute even if she did not think so! What could be better than a new yarn shop and yummy new stash yarn – WHEEEEE – glad your Easter was truly one of renewal – we all need a weekend of R&R during busy stressful time. Good luck with counting down till tax day – Mel

  6. >So glad you took some time off and spent it with your "pack". I'm sure they appreciated it as well. Nice little yarn haul you got there. And no you don't have a problem. Remember you're helping the economy.

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