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>Save the 88

>I love NASCAR, particularly Dale Jr. (as you can tell by the layout of my blog. He’s now sporting a Grizzly Adams beard that isn’t, in my opinion, attractive, but I digress.).

If you follow NASCAR at all, you know that poor Junior has had a tough couple of (well, several) seasons. Poor guy can’t catch a break. He seems cursed. He’s had only one win (at Michigan and on fuel mileage at that) over the past few years and it looks like the only luck he has is bad. Either he gets caught up in someone else’s problems, his car breaks, the tires give out, the engine blows… you get the picture. Or, aliens take over his brain and he misses his pit stall.

Whatever the problem, it just hasn’t been pleasant for those of us faithful in Junior Nation.

There are a group of us knitters who met on Ravelry who are rabid NASCAR fans, and we have a chat during each week’s race. We’ve run through several theories on Junior’s problems. One was that his stepmother had a voodoo doll and was sticking pins in at random times. The one that seems to have stuck was that meteors are falling on Junior during the race and causing the problems with his car.

We are of the opinion that the Hubble Space Telescope could be used to predict these meteors and that Mr. Hendrick should surely engage NASA in an effort to help his driver.

Evidently there’s another movement afoot as well. Yesterday I received this package in the mail:
I have blocked the return address so that the Society may remain protected from all who would wish Junior harm.

Contained therein was equipment that would be necessary to be worn during the next race to ward off the oncoming meteors and hopefully protect Junior’s car from possible harm and enable him to win.

Penny and I are ready:
Bring it on.

Comments on: ">Save the 88" (3)

  1. >Jeffrey and Lexie are ready too! http://tinyurl.com/ykl3s4e

  2. >Looks great! Makes me wish I had video chat!

  3. >Where's Penny's hat?Sorry to tell you, I'm the reason Junior is losing!! I have cursed him and will not remove the curse unless I am paid in yarn. Yummy, wooly, merinoy, cushy, yarn. You have two weeks to pay the ransom or Junior will continue to have troubles. You have been warned!Hmm, wonder why my word veri is "roped"

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