Have you any stash?

>The plague/crud/whatever it is continues to attack. Amazingly enough, I think the voice sounds worse than yesterday, yet I still have people calling me and complaining they can’t undertstand me when they continue asking questions after the first croak. This is why there’s email, people.

I’m not firing on all thrusters, so I don’t feel comfortable doing tax work. But I’m bored. I’ve got on the TV. The current administration comes on talking about a plan to screw up the financial system as badly as they want to screw up healthcare. I can’t even scream at the TV. I text Teresa on IM. I text Richard on the phone. I make up words to old songs, such as “Where have you gone, Alan Greenspan, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you, woo woo woo”. I watch the market plummet. Now, I can’t shut off this crap, because it’s my job to keep up with it, much to my chagrin.

So I take out the knitting…

Most of you are now thinking, thank goodness, she’s finally going to stop droning on and on about the tax code and the cleaners and the current administration and “how Mr. Smith is running this country and how many languages Enoch Powell can speak and then he throws up all over the Cuba Libres…” (as I lapse into Monty Python, Travel Agent sketch… srsly, if you’ve never seen this, it’s a matter of cultural literacy). And she’ll quit nattering about the cute dog.
(gratuitous cute dog photo)

I’ve been wanting to try two socks on one circular needle, specifically because my attention span lends itself to SSS (single sock syndrome, for those of you who don’t knit). My friend Linda does them on two circs, and I’ve tried it, but I find two circs in general really fussy. A few nights ago Richard and I carefully weighed and divided a skein of Dream in Color sparkly yarn — I forget what the heck it’s called, but it was on sale at the Dizzy Sheep. My original intent was for it to become the wonderful Francie socks that my DF Jen on Ravelry had gifted me the pattern for, but upon review of the pattern and my state of mind, I decided those had best wait for another day. I decided that the Nutkin pattern might fit the bill… challenging enough not to be boring, but not so challenging as to send me screaming (or croaking as the case may be) for the frog pond.

First problem was casting on. Unlike The Magic That is Heather, I wasn’t able to figure this out on my own… but fortunately others on the internet had kindly posted detailed photos of exactly how things should look. Got the stitches carefully placed on a size 1.5 47″ circular needle and started to knit. I realized quickly that stitchmarkers were going to be necessary, as I kept pulling the cables too tightly and removing my “magic loop” (can you say “tense”?).

It took almost an hour, but I cast on and got two rounds of plain stockinette knit.
I really hope I get better at this. I’ll let you know when I get to the heels.

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  1. >Wow. I'm truly impressed. I couldn't even do 2 @ a time on 2 circs. Let alone Magic Loop! And yeah, I hear you on the state of THINGS. ❤

  2. >Jean – poor dear – I hope you are feeling better soon. It's a day for frogs down here in gator country. I'm sure this severe rain is stretching up your way too – wish I was curled in my chair knitting and drinking hot tea. However it would NOT be knitting 2 socks on circs – I am always trying to be a consistent sock knitter – I'm a wanna be sock knitter but apparently I don't want it too bad because I never get over the hump with the heel – I bought Wendy's Toe up book and have gone back to DP's – the square ones from Kollage are working great for me. Keep us posted on the progress. Stay warm and dry and entertained with whatever works – Mel

  3. >Well, 2nd sock syndrome happens to crocheters too. I still haven't figured out basic circular needle knitting. I can't get the knitting to scoot around the needles as I work. It just locks up The girls say I need to use more flexible needles/cables. Funny thing is- I'm getting really good at DPNs. The person who does living history for a hobby being better at the 200 year old technique? Who'd a thunk it ?

  4. >If I tried that method – I'd look like a rascally kitten and Curtis would have to cut me out of both the yarn and the cable! – Nope dpn's for me! ( and I at least always appreciate the gratuitous cute puppy shot)Those callers remind me of the a**hole they sent in place of Carl on Friday. They are currently ( because what better time than the middle of January) taking down all the heaters in the ceiling/roof and replacing them. This is causing a lot of dust ( old probably toxic dust ) to be in the air and it occasionally makes me cough. Not a problem when I have my mobile computer cart, but when I'm on a machine unloading a carpet truck there isn't a place for my coffee cup, so I can;t drink something.So I'm coughing into my sleeve by the elbow ( like they teach kids in kindergarten) I'm NOT sick, I just need a drink to clear the dust. Well mr j***off says "would you mind not coughing while you're doing the truck"Mind you I have an 11 foot long 3 inch in diameter heavy steel pole on the lift to move the carpet rolls. WE almost had shish- ka – Bob ( yes the guys name is Bob – can't make this stuff up!)

  5. >I did the 2 socks at once thing once. I like the thrill of 2 separate cast ons and bind offs. It makes me think I'm finishing 2 projects! The little things we tell ourselves……

  6. >I am laughing too hard to even think. How did I go from the current admin, to throwing up on cuba libres to magic looping a pair of sparkly Nutkins?? I just wanted to see Penny mama. She is a doll!I am knitting Nutkin right now on two circs, however, mine are not sparkly and I am jealous. The pattern is easy and easy to memorize. Very pretty and if they fit maybe I will sprinkle mine with glitter so they sparkle when I dance in the moonlight.

  7. >I have not cast on one circular for two socks, but had given Heather the site for the technique and she had success. I have from necessity of the fussiness gone to magic loop midway into the two sock construction.January's socks were to be tried on one circular from the beginning. I got thwarted as these socks are constructed sideways.It looks like you have a good start and, yes, I can say "tense" :)Linda

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