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>Hitting another deadline

>And I’ve been quiet again. It’s because another tax deadline looms: September 15, which is the deadline for all those corporate extensions that were filed in March. While I’m used to it, this is Penny’s first big tax crunch. She’s not understanding why she has to stay out of Mommy’s office (there’s so much interesting paper to munch on in there! and just look at those power cords that could use some chewing!) while Mommy works. Needless to say, I have a bit of an unhappy puppy right now.

Richard tries to get her outside when he comes home from work as much as he can.It’s amazing the change in her since June when we first started leash training with her. She is now confident and will walk all over the place on her lead whereas in June she’d just lay down in the grass and refuse to move. She and Richard are going for walks through the neighborhood — they’re gradually getting longer, and Penny is likely to take off running when Richard lets her! It’s a great opportunity to work off some of that puppy energy.

I’m trying to join them when my foot permits. I’m working on the third month in the air cast due to the plantar faciitis.
It’s better, but we’re still not at a point where I can go completely to the orthotics in my shoes. I’ve learned how to maneuver with it pretty well. It’s still annoying and hot, but if it keeps me from having surgery on the foot, which sounds completely unpleasant, it’ll be worth it. I still think I’m secure in my status as “Queen of the soft tissue injury” between this, the carpal tunnel, and the rotator cuff tears in both shoulders. 🙂

We spent Labor Day up in Rome visiting Mom. Penny spent two nights away from home for the first time. She found Mom’s house to be big and very interesting. We still have a few potty training issues, but for the most part, she did really well. It was an orgy of puppy junk food for her, since Mom fixed her roast beef, bacon, eggs, and biscuits. And yes, you can imagine the gastrointestinal effects that had… I’m happy to report that she was doing better once we got her diet back to normal. 🙂

As for stitching and knitting… still not much. I don’t get a chance to work on a lot since Penny takes a real interest in anything I’m doing and offers a great deal of assistance. Sometimes her assistance comes in the form of grabbing the ball of yarn and running across the great room and into the dining room, wrapping the furniture with yarn as she goes. I’m happy to report that she has excellent “taste” in fibers, as she has shown no interest in embroidery cotton but has stolen a couple of skeins of silk while I wasn’t looking. You might know I’d raise a pup who wants the good stuff.

Back to work with me…. If you can spare some good thoughts on Monday the 14th, we’d appreciate it. Penny’s being spayed that day (I tried to get the vet to do a “twofer” and spay me at the same time, but Richard said he couldn’t deal with both of us in those collars…). I’ll report back and let everyone know how she’s doing.

Comments on: ">Hitting another deadline" (6)

  1. >Both of you wearing the cone of shame for a few weeks would net a package of smoked sausage and some cashmere for sure.Sure the vet can't be bribed with chocolate or beer?

  2. >Penny will be just when they spay her, but I'll be sure so send her some "good surgery" vibes on Monay, to be followed by "fast healing" vibes. I'm sure wonderful yummies will go a long way toward soothing her owies. And no more injuries for you! Hopefully the air cast will prevent the need for surgery. I'll send some "healing" vibes your way, too. Eat chocolate! Stroke soft yarn! And be merry! 😉

  3. >Just fine that is. She'll be just fine. Damn my fast fingers and slow mind.

  4. >will be sending hugs and prayers on monday!

  5. >Poor pup! She will do fine though. She has enough energy to drive you crazy with thinking she is able to do as much as any other day. Rude awakening might be the killer.

  6. >You're raising a pup who knows good fiber when she sees it!Good luck on Monday. She'll do great and will still look cute in a cone.

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