Have you any stash?

>Mail for Me!

>Penny here. Mom let me take over the blog tonight to say hello and tell you about my big week. I got a box in the mail. Really! Addressed to me and everything!
Drema at Needlecraft Corner and her faithful canine Amber are friends of my mom, and they wanted to welcome me to the neighborhood, so they sent me a box of my very own. Well, ok. They sent my mom some silly toys with it, but the important thing is that it was addressed to me! I couldn’t wait to get into it.
I *finally* got it open. This whole lack of opposable thumbs thing is a real drag. I mean, I had just had my final round of puppy shots that day, and I was feeling kind of grouchy, so I was hoping for something really good, ya know?? It smelled interesting, so I thought there must be some kind of really fabulous surprise in there…
Aaaugh… so close! Got the package out… full of Mommy’s silly stuff… and I could see an envelope in there with my name on it!! Must… keep… working…
Got it!!! Now, to get the envelope open and savor the wonder within.
Inside were some of the yummiest treats ever! I gobbled them up all at one time. Mom said she felt sorry for me because I’d had to go to the vet, and I’d had all those shots, and I’d had a mani-pedi on top of that. Plus… well, I kinda snapped at the vet, and Mom tattled on me and said that’s what I’d been doing at home. So then we had to do some obedience stuff. They made me walk on a leash! The very nerve. My feet aren’t supposed to hit the ground, you know. And Mom and Dad have been making me do that at home too. Things have been changing a bit. So they’re gonna have to get me more of these treats.Because I really deserve them.

But thank you Aunt Drema and Aunt Kathleen and Amber. Thank you so much for sending me the yummy treats. I enjoyed every bite and licked up all the crumbs after they were gone. I appreciate you treating me like the princess I am (unlike some people who make me walk on a leash…).

Ok mom… I’m getting off the computer now. Geez. Parents.

Comments on: ">Mail for Me!" (3)

  1. >She looks like she deserves it to me too!

  2. >TOOOOOO Cute! She is the boss already!

  3. >Sooo cute – especially when someone else gets to train her!!PS- by now I am envisioning Angie and her crew twitching from cell phone withdrawal – and tonite they have electricity!

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