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>A Bittersweet Day

>I’ll begin with a brief review, since I know I have a lot of new blog followers…

My best friend growing up, Lynne, passed away suddenly in April, 2006 at the age of 47. Like me, she was an only child. She left behind her mother, who was 88 at the time. Her mother found her in the house when she couldn’t get Lynne on the phone after a day or so, so we really don’t know how long she’d been dead when she was discovered. It took months to get a cause of death; the coroner finally said the primary cause was pneumonia, with a secondary cause of undiagnosed thyroid cancer. To this day, I don’t think any of us really believe it, but it doesn’t do any of us any good to dwell on it.

I wound up as executor of Lynne’s estate. As those close to me can tell you, it’s been a long, sometimes painful process. There were issues with her mom understanding what was going on. There were issues with some charities (which will remain unnamed here, but if you really want to know who contact me and I’ll be happy to tell you) causing trouble because they didn’t think they got their “fair share” of what she left them in her relatively small estate. And ultimately, the whole thing caused a bit of a rift between her mom and my mom, which I had nothing to do with, but which I regret.

I had distributed most of the funds due to Lynne’s mother, as her sole heir, quite awhile back. Yesterday, I closed out the bank account, being satisfied that after this length of time, there would be no more claims against the estate. Today, I mailed the check for the balance to her mother.

So this chapter in my life is now officially closed. Aside from putting things in file folders and moving them to my archives, my work is finished. And Lynne’s time here on earth is complete.

I sent a letter with the check to her mother saying telling her to consider this little windfall as Lynne’s final gift to her and to go out and do something nice for herself with it. I doubt I ever hear what she does. I’ll be able to track that the package was delivered, and that’s about it.

A lot of things have changed for me in these three years. I learned not to take people around me for granted, because they may not be there. I learned not to wait till tomorrow to do what I want, because tomorrow may not come (thus, the Hummer, that I bought a week after Lynne’s death). And I’ve learned that somehow, someway, I always end up with a lot more responsibility than I bargain for. Danged if I know how that happens.

So, my friend, goodbye. I love you like the sister I never had. I miss you. I hope the life you have now is much happier than the one you had here. I’ll see you again one day.

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  1. >Your friend was lucky to have a friend like you,{{{hugs}}}

  2. >I love you.Peace, love, and hugs to you.

  3. >You were a lifeline for me during my difficult ordeal with Dad's stroke and subsequent passing; I will always consider myself lucky to have had your support.And you know how I feel about allotting yourself some joys for the moment rather than deferring them until an undefined later time!

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