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>Facebook ponderings

>First of all, it’s that time of year when I’m scarce. I made it through corporate extensions. The big issue consuming a lot of my time has been the refinance of one of my clients’ business mortgage. They don’t have English as a primary language, and we’ll just say someone took horrible advantage of them when they gave them a mortgage on their building ten years ago. The mortgage ballooned, and it turns out not only did they bank have a lien on the building, but also on all the equipment in it. If they foreclosed, they’d pretty much put them out of business. In the current market, refinancing hasn’t been easy — so I recommend that if you have any banking needs, please consider BB&T, because the good people there helped us out. At any rate, the crisis is over, the mortgage is refinanced, and I can get back to working on tax returns.

But the title of this post is “Facebook ponderings”. I recently signed up for a Facebook account, considering a lot of my Ravelry friends had them and hubby had one to keep up with the kidlets at church. I have been pleasantly surprised at the absolute delight it has turned out to be! I have reconnected with people from my childhood, high school, college, a job where we had a small fraternity of non-crazy people… plus added connections for people who are in my life now. It seems like it’s the place where everyone I have ever known is coming together. I feel like they’re all in a room together and it’s *almost* like I can just introduce them to each other. Almost. 🙂

Other than the Facebook stuff, life is pretty boring. I do taxes; I sleep. At this point I’m trying to catch up enough to take Mom to Pigeon Forge next week on a shopping trip. She wants to go up there while we’re dog-less. So, I got some reservations, and we’re going. I could probably use a break at that point as well.

Tonight is the “lock-in” at church. Since we don’t have a puppy at home, I volunteered to be the female chaperone for the teenagers. Egad. What have I gotten myself into? We get there at 8 and stay all night. I have a tax appointment in the morning at 11. I’ve already warned her that she may not see me at my best. 🙂

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  1. >You sound so busy! But, I think it’s a good busy. Have fun tonight. I did that when our son was young. I know what it’s like to have no pup around. Lonely for us.

  2. >Miss you over at the dishcloth group…but knew that you’ve been super busy. Do we ever quit calling our little dogs “puppy”? Have fun with all the teens! DD13 is having a group of friends over tonight but they go home by 11 pm (at least the boys).

  3. >You’ll love the lock in at church but will be SO tired. I think you’ll have a lot of fun!People actually work places where there aren’t crazy people? I’m enjoying facebook as well but don’t seem to be able to spend much time there. Enjoy your weekend and we hope you make it through tax season!

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