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>I’m going on a rant

>So the new administration has taken over, and so far, two Cabinet level nominees have had tax problems. One was a senator; one previously worked for the Federal Reserve and is going to be the Secretary of the Treasury, in charge of tax collections and the IRS.

Seriously, is it too much to ask that people who make the tax laws for the rest of us to follow pay their tax liability? I don’t care what your party affiliation is… Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Devil Worshipper… Pay your freakin’ taxes if you want to be in charge!

I mean, I’m not buying this “honest mistake” crap. I haven’t met an IRS auditor yet who is gonna let that excuse fly. And there’s a word for that much unreported income. It’s called “evasion”. Or at least it used to be.

I spend a significant portion of my time every year doing tax returns for honest, hard-working people who pay their fair share. They grumble. They complain. They ask me to do the best I can within the law to minimize the amount they have to pay. But they pay it.

I believe anyone who governs us should do the same. And if you fail to do so, don’t blame it on Turbo Tax or your accountant. Seriously, dude. Write the check. When you’re supposed to. The rest of us have to.

Or maybe our new Secretary of the Treasury will give us a new “honest mistake” box on the 1040. Yeah, right.

Comments on: ">I’m going on a rant" (2)

  1. >Preaching to the choir sister! And the Stimulus? Give me a break!

  2. >I couldn’t agree more….the thing is, how smart are you to go into politics and not pay IRS? It keeps coming up over and over again. Democrats, Republicans? Doesn’t matter. Both parties don’t pay. And then they go for a job, etc where your financial records practically go through a forensic process. Brilliant!But then again, I’m a “little person” who thinks the rules are made to be followed by EVERYONE!

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