Have you any stash?

>A Box?

>For Me?Hmmm. Sure looks like it’s addressed to me. I don’t remember ordering anything. Mom took the credit card away after that last ugly incident with PetSmart.com…Needlecraft Corner, eh? Looks like some of Mom’s silly cross stitch stuff. Why on earth is it addressed to me? Obviously this requires some closer inspection.Now… if I can just get this stuff out of there… darn this lack of opposable thumbs! What?? Looks like cookies!!! For me!!! Finally someone’s realizing who really runs this place!Cookies! Glorious, wonderful cookies! Yummy cookies! Must get them out of the bag and have one now, now, now!!!! (Patience is not a dachshund virtue, you know.)Oh so yummy! They’re so good I had to bury some for later in my fleecy blankets on the sofa (don’t tell anyone).

Thank you Aunt Drema, Aunt Kathleen, and most especially Amber!!!

Comments on: ">A Box?" (5)

  1. >Little guy is so smart he does not need a credit card! 🙂

  2. >Oh no…I feel like I have been negligent in my Auntly duties!!! How embarrassing to be shown up by those out of town Aunts! {{Oscar}}

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