Have you any stash?

>Rain, Rain…

>…a rainy night in Georgia. At least it looks like that’s what it’s gonna be right now. Don’t get me wrong: we need the rain in the worst kind of way. Problem is the cold front coming in right behind it… which may lead to ice… an encounter with which wasn’t the kindest to my behind last Friday.

Was headed to Rome to see Mom, and as usual, I stopped at one of the local Starbucks to fuel up for the trip. This isn’t the usual Starbucks that Richard and I frequent; as a matter of fact, this one isn’t known for it’s incredibly efficient staff, if you catch my drift. At any rate, I pulled into a choice parking space in front, grabbed the purse and stepped out of the Hummer to get my coffee…

…only to find myself sitting on the asphalt right on my adequate (I’m not so naive as to say “little”) behind. And I landed hard. With absolutely no memory of what happened.

Then I saw the black ice.

So I crawled on hands and knees over the ice to find some place with traction so I could get up and assess the damage. (Several days out, I’m now incredibly annoyed that nobody inside the Starbucks, which was full, lifted a finger to help me. So much for the season of goodwill.) I went up to the counter and told the person that they had a problem, because there was black ice in front of their store, I had just fallen, and they’d better do something about it before someone really got hurt. The genius beside her said “Oh yeah, there was a sheet of glass out there all last winter.”

Really, Sherlock? Think ya should have done something about it?

They gave me a free latte, and Sherlock followed me out with a yellow cone. He got to my car and allowed that “Gee, you really can’t see this, can you?? Let me help you to your car.” I’m no fool; I put my latte in on the other side of the car before taking him up on his offer. He did put the yellow cone in the parking space so nobody else could use it till things thawed out.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. I awaken to find out that I am sore in places I didn’t know I had. I couldn’t go to my stitch group’s annual gingerbread house construction day at Vicky’s. Even on Monday, sitting all day at continuing education was painful (even more than tax law normally would be). And we’ll just say my rear end is a delightful shade of blue and dark purple.


At least I don’t think there’s any permanent damage, either to my body or to my dignity. But if there’s ice again this week, I’ll be taking it very easy when I’m out.

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  1. >Hello! It is Nachaele Olson (Knitting by the Pond)…yes, my dogs are mini dachshunds! You have one too! Aren’t they just the best dogs ever?! 🙂

  2. >That’s a good idea – taking it easy! Hopefully your behind is back to normal soon.

  3. >I hope you’re back to normal soon! Please be careful!

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