Have you any stash?

>Alas, folks, I have been remiss in posting! Blame it on the market meltdown… and Wachovia… and Washington Mutual… and the fact that it’s nearing October 15, when the final tax returns are due for 2007 and trust me, most people filing this time of year are not happy.

But I did let the ever patient and persistent Trisia know that my package arrived this past Saturday. And this package of goodies was well worth the wait…

Trisia had a clear message for the Postal Service:
Think they got the message?? Me neither.

But what a bunch of goodies awaited me when I opened it!!! I think I scared His Royal Lowness when I squeeed in delight.See that Starbucks cup?? More about the wonderfulness in it in a bit…. A wonderful pattern for socks to be made with the contents of the cup… handknit mug mats to match the contents of the cup… A generous Starbucks gift card (Trisia has obviously seen me there before my weekly trips to my clients)… a plug in beverage warmer that I’ve wanted but never bought for myself, perfect for tax season… A Yarn Harlot book to keep me laughing!… gorgeous handmade stitch markers… kewl sock shaped point protectors… Whoppers for a snack (one of my faves)… some dip mix that my stitch group will enjoy very soon.. and some green tea that I’ve already enjoyed.

As for the yarny goodness in the Starbucks cup??? Two skeins of sock yarn, dyed especially for me and named for me to boot!Woot! How tremendously kewl is that!!!! πŸ™‚

Thank you Trisia, for a wonderful package. It’s been a doubly good experience: not only did a box of great stuff make its way to me, but I also made another good cyber friend to boot.

If you get want to see more yarny goodness, go check out Trisia’s site for her wonderful sock yarns. I know where I’ll be doing some shopping for future swaps!

And this is a special shout out to my cousin Joe… if you’re reading this… glad to have found you again!!! πŸ™‚

Comments on: ">The Missing Package Arrives!!!!" (3)

  1. >Score! I’m glad that it finally arrived safe and sound.

  2. >That yarn is beeeeuuuuutifuuul. Sweater for his Royal Lowness or socks?Lucky for such a nice package!

  3. >Very lovely Jazzy Jean !!

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