Have you any stash?

>Enough that during a shopping trip to Costco today, I took a picture of him with an enormous spider with my iPhone for him to put on his Facebook page. Evidently he thought it was funny. I didn’t. Had to copy the stupid thing to my computer to get it over to his Mac. When I deleted it, Vista had the nerve to ask me if I was sure. Of course I am. It was a freaking huge spider. I’m getting cold chills just typing this.

The past week has been pretty quiet. Nothing as exciting as a trip to the speedway, for sure! For the most part just working and trying to get insurance straightened out. For those of you who don’t know, Richard’s company was bought out by Oracle on August 1. We allegedly had insurance benefits starting on that date, but we’ve yet to see any cards. And we have appointments coming up this week, and I’m not sure that the doctor’s office (or at least the huge clinic my doc belongs to) is going to “take my word for it.” I think we’ve got it worked out, but we’ll see. The next huge hurdle was the paycheck; payday was the 15th, and the first check had to be mailed. It didn’t arrive on the 15th (it came today after the banks were closed), so there was considerable shuffling of funds to insure a few automatic payments didn’t go bouncy bouncy come Monday. At least I don’t have that much hair left that isn’t already grey.

On a happier note, I got my package from my swap partner in the Purple Rules! summer swap:Included in the package was some Plymouth Sinsation, a kind of chenille-like yarn that is very soft and will make a very nice scarf, two skeins of Koigu for some socks, a bamboo “stitch fixer”, some darning needles, a button and some sticky notes, and a box of Tazo teas. All very nice and very much appreciated. Thank you Pam!!!

I have a couple of swap packages to mail out myself next week… so tomorrow will be spent boxing them up and getting them ready to go. 🙂

Other than that we plan to have a relaxing Sunday… maybe do a little more cleaning out of cabinets in the kitchen with Richard mocking my unfortunate weakness for gadgets on infomercials. At least I’m providing him with some amusement!

Comments on: ">How much do I love my husband?" (3)

  1. >I’ll mock the RocketChef and the Eggstractor, but I love the Cansolidator.

  2. >I have that teensy bamboo crochet hook, and it ROCKS!! That Koigu is seriously drool-worthy….Isn’t the Cansolidator just a motorized tie rack for your pantry??

  3. >Great score in purple! Can’t wait to see it in person.

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