Have you any stash?

>I have an iPhone. I am seriously in love with my iPhone. It is my lifeline to my business, my family, my friends…. you get the picture.

So imagine my horror last night when I picked up said iPhone, and it slipped out of my hand. It went to the floor in that slow-motion movement that happens when you slam the door of the car and you realize that you’ve left the key in the ignition. I couldn’t catch it. It hit the floor with a sickening thud.

I retrieved it from the floor and tried to call Judy. Her voicemail acted as if it couldn’t hear me. How rude. Then I realized it actually couldn’t hear me. And the little “home” button on the phone didn’t work anymore. And I couldn’t sync it to my computer anymore.

In short, I had a nice, iPhone-shaped brick.

I dug up my old Razr, hoping I could convince AT&T to turn it back on, called my voice mail from the landline and changed the message telling people to call Bob if they had a problem, and made plans to head to the Apple store first thing in the morning.

Two very nice young (and I mean young) men met me at the door. I held out the iPhone and simply said “Make it go.” They laughed and took pity on the old grey headed woman as I explained this was my business line and I was in a heap of trouble. They made an appointment for me for noon, took the SIM card out of the iPhone and put it in the Razr so I was back in business (yay!), and I went out to kill two hours in the mall.

Did I mention that the new Vera Bradley patterns are out? And that the Night Owl is really cute? And that I now have some of it, since I was there, and it was there, and I had the time…. (I was going to link to the Vera Bradley site to show it to you, but it’s not listed yet! You’ll need to Google it because there’s a ton of people selling it on Ebay.)

Anyway, at noon I went back to the Apple store. The girl looked at my phone, and I told her what happened, and that I expected to pay for the repairs since stupidity isn’t covered under warranty. She looked at it again and said that the damage didn’t look that bad, and why didn’t she just give me a new one.


Wowsa!!! She went and got a shiny, new, working iPhone, and set it all up for me. I told her I’d kiss her, but people would talk. I was absolutely thrilled, because I thought at a minimum they’d send it off, and in the worst case I’d have to wait till July 11 when the new ones were released and buy one of those.

I brought it home and synched it, and I’m back in business. Thank you Apple Store!!!!

Another reminder… I’m still collecting for the Race for Research. If you’d like to donate, please click here to go to our fundraising page. Thanks for your consideration!

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