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>A couple of finishes

>So for most of this week I’ve been down with whatever flu-like bug has been going around. Nasty stuff. I’ve quarantined my house to keep most humans away from it, because I don’t wish this joy on anybody. Felt well enough today to update the blog with a couple of finished objects:

My first amigurumi:
Disgustingly cute, isn’t it? I’ve gotta say, attaching all those legs to the octopus was a bit of a pain. Fortunately I didn’t permanently attach them until 1) I made sure they were even and 2) I made sure I had room enough for all of them. A lot of rearranging had to go on.

You’ve read about the Warm Woolies socks, so here’s the first three pairs:
I’m gonna try to get these puppies in the mail either today or tomorrow. I have a nice stash of Cascade 220 now thanks to the generosity of the folks giving me prizes from the DWTS Pool on Ravelry, so I should be able to whip up quite a few more pairs before fall.

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  1. >Finish? What is this “finish” you speak of? Must look up in dictionary. The octopus is seriously cute! And the woolies do look warm, I’m sure that they will be loved.

  2. >Thanks for the comment 🙂 I love your little socks… they are very cute! I like the colors 🙂

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